January (2020) Monthly Favorites

Welcome back folks. It is my first monthly favorites of 2020, but also of the decade!! However, this is one of my most slap-dash efforts because I…. can’t count I guess. I thought I had another day to draft but… no… There’s always only been 31 days at most in a month… Luckily, it’s still getting out on time!

So forgive me a bit for spelling/grammar errors. I drafted this pretty late, and didn’t budget my time properly. This month has been good me actually, although it hasn’t quite reflected that in my blogging. I missed a few days where I wanted to have something up and didn’t make it. Would rather skip a day then post something that isn’t up to my personal standards though.

Before we jump into the usual format, just want to pop in and say that February I will be doing a challenge series! You’ll find out tomorrow (it’s kinda an obvious choice), but I didn’t want to announce that in an individual post. So at least, next month will be daily content! Whoo!

With all that out of the way, here’s this month’s feature video. It’s been awhile but it features the one and only Adam Savage, of Mythbusters fame talking about… cosplay of all things. I was both surprised, and not to see that he’s an avid cosplayer. I think this particular TED Talk with resonate with a lot of the ani-blogging community as a whole. It certainly did with me despite me not being a cosplayer.

Firstly, as always jumping into anime. I have one blog post from Plebby’s Den. Their blog post “Hoshiai no Sora |A Loving Review |Most Underrated Show of the Season” , is a review I agree with wholeheartedly. I’m glad that I wasn’t alone in my overall positive impression of the series. Plebby takes more time to break down characters and events within the anime to give a more even perspective on if it’s something you’d be interested in watching! Additionally, to add a little bit more balance to my overwhelming positivity for the series, I’d like to recommend Karandi’s blog aptly titled “Stars Align Anime Series Review”. Karandi is significantly more balanced in their review.

While I’m talking about my rather positive views of various series, I’d like to point out a non-Stars Align review. That review being “K” from Irina of I Drink and Watch Anime. This is another series that I gave a sparkling review of back in the day. So I was a bit surprised that Irina had such a different opinion of the series then I. It’s made me ponder if watching, reading an impactful review, and then re-watching would change my opinion of the series. I’m a bit busy for now with my challenge’s but it was an interesting thing I thought of.

In a rather quick turn around, we are into some manga reviews from this month. First up being Scott with his blog post, “Hikaru no Go – Learning Go For The Future”. It was a nostalgia trip for me to read about someone else’s experiance with the series. “Hikaru no Go”, is potentially one of my favorite sports manga of all time. It’s such a well written and well received series that does seem to have held up over the years. Seeing Scott’s perspective, as someone whose not quite a sports anime/manga fan (yet), was very eye opening, and helpful for anyone looking to get into the sports genre without getting into the physical sport series.

In our second manga post is Al’s Manga Blog with “Our Dining Table Review”. It’s a series I haven’t heard of, but sounds like it would be up my ally. Considering my own conundrums with making dinner for one, I’m wondering if it would be worth it to get some dinner inspiration. Of course, the content being that of how food can bring us together is obviously a bigger draw, and bonus points for being a more mature BL series on top of it. Al has quite the knack for finding lesser known (at least to me) series, and articulating the good, bad, and the middle ground within the series.

Transitioning awkwardly to JDramas, we have evening tea musings with their blog, “Dying Eye Review”. It feels like I keep running into older pre-2010 series review . (which isn’t bad!) but seeing that this is from 2019 was a breathe of fresh air. I’ve heard a bit of buzz about the serious, but nothing concrete in the form of a review. So I’m glad to see this series get some love.

Additionally, in that fresh from 2019 is Clkytta from Dramas with a Side of Kimchi with their blog, “A Fangirl’s Japanese Drama Review – Coffee&Vanilla”. I’m not going to lie, this series got quite the jarring hot and cold reviews and commentaries when it came out. But I’m glad to learn this series is warm, and more spicy then vanilla. Not quite my cup of coffee since I have a bit more juggling to do, but it’s on my radar now.

In the musical side of the blog-o-sphere is Mofumofustudios with their post, “Hymne à l’amour​”. It’s a post dedicated to Kaya, a Visual Kei solo artist I’ve talked about in the past. I always find it interesting to see how other people find artists within Visual Kei, and how that particular artist has influenced them as a person. It’s a very personal and intriguing read.

I had to include Kayo Kyoku Plus’s blog post called, “GACKT — Returner ~ Yami no Shuuen(闇の終焉)”. One because it’s GACKT. Two, because I see him live next month for the second time in my life and well, gotta commemorate it on the blog. Yes, I’ll get a live review there.

And lastly, I have not one but two pieces of fan fiction for you! Well, actually not quite. I have two blogs about fan fiction this time around. The first being from Blerdy Otome called, “Betcha Can’t Read Just One: Reading FanFics is a Slippery Slope”. I haven’t read fan fiction in literal years, but the feelings remain the same. I’m glad that people still feel the same roller coaster of euphoria on finding the perfect fic, the semi-loss when it ends, and the cycle continues.

On a more techinical point, is Fan Of A Certain Age, with “Going To The Store for Candy And Cookies”. They talk extensively about the importance localization within fan fiction. The fact that American-English is a dominate voice, if not the main narrative default is rather surprising. As a former writer and consumer of fics, and an America; I truly never noticed. I would get jarred out of certain things because they wouldn’t jell with Japanese franchise terms, but since I never dove into TV shows it wasn’t as obvious? No pun intended but very good food for thought.

So some brief non-blog articles are the Japan Times, “15 minutes with rising star Katayose Ryota”, which I couldn’t not include considering my extensive coverage of him as an actor. Additionally, “When American country meets Japanese anime”, which is the amazing collaboration of Sturgill Simpson and animation legends, such as Koji Morimoto,  Masaru Matsumoto, and more. I might be planning some sort of coverage on this myself, but… we’ll have to settle for the pros first. From Consequence of Sound is an interview with Kyo of Dir en Grey titled, “Heavy Culture: Dir En Grey Singer Kyo on Japanese Metal Scene, Band’s Early Days, BABYMETAL, and more”. It’s quite the read for a Diru fan like me.

Lastly, I couldn’t resist including E-Girls newest single “Another World” as the main song feature. It’s one of best releases of the year, sorry I don’t make the rules. Aditionally, it’s among their last, if not the last single, they will release as a group. Since they will be disbanding in mid or late 2020. It’s certainly a fitting departure song.

With that I’ll see you next month!


  1. I cried when I watched Another World. I wish E-girls weren’t disbanding. 😭
    They’re my third favourite LDH acts behind Generations and Ballistic Boys.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks. I think I’ll check out the coffee and vanilla drama. The review made me interested. Also, the interview with Ryota was quite eye-opening. He’s quite modest and I hope he achieves all that he’s aiming for.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re most welcome! That interview being only 15 minutes was really well put together too! I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this year in acting!

      Liked by 1 person

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