Visual Kei&Anime; The Double Feature Series

It’s the collaboration of a lifetime! Or rather one I have spent way too much time planning and not enough time has been spent actually writing and publishing. I’ve been tinkering with this idea since before my blog, since it combines two topics I talk about on my blog, obviously Anime and Visual Kei.

That’s not to say this series is completely original. I’ve done a fair amount of research, and came across some solid materials to help me out so this lasts more then two posts. Firstly is this Jpopasia article reminding me that bandmen love doing covers, including anime ones. In fact, a lot of bandmen are huge nerds and love anime. My favorite bandmen Chisa from ACME, is a huge Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fan and even cosplayed some characters. He’s far from the only one.

Secondly, is this post from an older, defunct wordpress blog “homeless/visual/kids” called “Visual Kei and Anime Tie-Ins”. It served a major starting point for me in bringing this idea together. We have to give credit where credit is due, no matter how long it’s been.

The final kick in my rear, was this tweet from last year by a band called LEZARD. The tweet loosely says, “I didn’t get any anime tie-ins, so I got serious”. (Link to the original post in case of playback issues.)

LEZARD, is an inspiration to not only the Visual Kei community and anime community. Why should bands wait for an anime studio to produce an anime? Make your own! DIY like it’s the earlier scene! Throw out the ‘proper’ way anime production works! Make the song! Make the anime and go from there! Why stop at there? Make a whole album, and then make an animated movie! Oh wait that’s Daft Punk…

I couldn’t pass up including LEZARD, since this PV was amazing. It hit up all the points a PV for Visual Kei or anime needs, and it features a Godzilla rip-off. A new classic in the making. This post reminded me that I don’t even have to limit this series strictly to anime opening and ending themes. That I can expand to talk about animated MV’s that bands have released. There’s so much potential in this series!

There’s several decades worth of anime, and several decades worth of Visual Kei, so of course there’s tons of tie-in’s to discover. I don’t quite have a formula made, since each feature will be a little different. The theme will be same, sometimes more focus on the anime itself, or on the Visual Kei band, ideally there will be a healthy dose of both.

I’m super excited to start this series with you guys! I can’t wait to see your thoughts below! To close, have the official music video for “Only the Jam Knows”, the song featured above in the animated music video. Just in case you needed something new for your playlist.

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