Revisiting Last Year to Announce this Year

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Now is as good as time to reflect back on last year’s secret set of goals. Well, they weren’t a secret but I never posted about them. I didn’t want to accidentally pressure myself to being “I have to do these, otherwise I won’t be successful”. Also if I had made my goals public, and then didn’t reach them… I would be super disappointed in myself.

So I kept them as my personal goals, and I’d like to share my results publicly. I had 3 categories, technically 4 depending on if I made it through my first set of goals. I figured that having only a few goals, in a few different categories would be do-able… so I thought.

Let’s take a look to see which ones I was able to finish. They’ll be denoted with having their text crossed out.

Drama Watching Goals (2019)

  • Watch all 2019 dramas as they air
  • Watch all 2019 movies in theaters if possible
  • Complete Watashi no Aozora  with friend (10/09/19)
  • Finish or Drop All On-Hold Dramas/Movies (February 2019)
  • Watch all movies/dramas from 2018 by July 2019

July 2019 Drama Goalspotentially

  • Watch all K-Dramas/films left on list
  • Watch all Chinese dramas/films left on list
  • Complete the High&LOW saga

Anime Watching Goals

  • watch all currently airing anime as they air
  • finish 5 anime on hold (Hanebado!)

Manga Reading Goals

  • Continue reading Haikyuu!!
  • Finish 2 titles from my on-hold list (Cheer Danshi!!, Devil’s Line)

Needless to say; I was incredibly ambitious last year! I had twelve goals, and managed to accomplish four of them. Statistic-wise, that’s not so great, but four out of twelve is better then none! I could do a long explanation as to why I didn’t make certain goals, but that would be way too wordy. Long story short, I made too many goals and didn’t make a plan to actually accomplish them.

Those goals were made more or less, for clear out some old titles on my lists. I love lists. They’re amazing. But they are also intimidating since I wanted to do so much at once, and by certain times that it was too much. Hopefully, my new goals for this year will be much more manageable.

Before getting to my new goals for this year, I’d like to reflect on the goals I did reach. The first being “Complete ‘Watashi no Aozora’ with friend”. I actually have a whole big post coming about this series. I started watching it with my friend in October 2018. Considering it’s set in the village near where I live now, we knew we had to watch. At 156 episodes long, at 15 minutes per episode, was a massive undertaking.

We did it though!! It took a literal year, but it was done! We’ve also managed to finish the 8 episode sequel (45 minutes a piece) on top of it! We watched without close-captions, and had a lot of good conversation about the topics within the series as well as going “OMG we know where that is!”. It was a lot of fun to complete, with a friend made it even better. If completing this drama was the only thing I accomplished I would have felt incredibly pleased with this year.

Significantly less difficult was “Finish or Drop All On-Hold Dramas/Movies” , considering I only had… two or three series on the list? That was easy. I did finish and write a review about, “Love Rerun” . The second series was “Cain and Abel”, which… I only watched the first episode, so I moved it back to my ‘PTW List’, since it’s been so long. If there were any other series, I must have deleted them, and I know there weren’t any films. Much easier then other goals, but it still got done!

My manga reading goals were a lot simpler and clear cut. “Continue reading Haikyuu!!” , was pretty easy. I probably put it on the list knowing I would be able to complete it. It’s really taken an interesting turn in recent chapters, and I’ve been following it so long I couldn’t not continue.

Additionally was “Finish 2 titles from my on-hold list”. This was a bit harder, since one series was in Japanese, and the other was English-translated. As noted above, I finished “Cheer Danshi” and “Devil’s Line”. Both series were really great, and it feels good to be able to say I finished them this year.

Even if my goals were a bit ambitious, and I only got a few done; I still finished four goals! So now, I can move into re-working my goals for this year!

Drama Watching Goals (2020)

  • Complete A-Z Drama Watching Challenge
  • Complete A-Z Movie Watching Challenge
  • Watch 2020 Dramas as they air
  • See as many 2020 movies in theaters as possible

A lot fewer goals then last year, but still might be a bit ambitious on my part. I talked a big game about covering more dramas in 2019. However, I didn’t quite manage to cover as many and in as timely manner of them that I wanted too.

I was inspired by Umai Yomu Anime Blog, and their A-Z Anime Challenge, they’ve been doing for quite some time. I took a look at my ‘PTW List’, and saw I could kill several birds with one by doing the same challenge, just for dramas and movies. I think phrasing them as challenges, verses just a bullet saying ‘do x by end of the year’, will be a bit more successful this year.

I’ve already crafted both lists, and tracked down watching sources. The challenge will still mostly be JDramas and Movies. However, I have wanted to start a few KDrama and CMovie classics, so I made sure to prioritize those series first. They’ll not only add variety to my watching habits, but serve as a buffer since I won’t be reviewing them on my blog. (Maybe MDL, but no promises)

There will be one tiny deviation regarding movies. I went through my PTW, and even added a few more films to the list but still have some letters missing. Alas, I couldn’t find any films that began with Q or X. So rather then superfluously adding in random titles, or things I’m not interested in I’ll just skip them.

So, that is my big set of goals for this year. I have two smaller goals for Anime and Manga, and they are significantly more manageable in my opinion. Hopefully, I maintain my motivation for this challenge!

Anime and Manga Goals (2020)

  • Consistently watch currently airing anime
  • Finish three manga series from my shelf

They are rather self-explanatory, and well there’s only two of them. I want to watch all the currently airing titles, as they air for once. This past year I kept passing on a lot of them and they just keep adding to my anime PTW list.  (The constant juggle between dramas, and anime I swear…) It’s also so difficult for me to watch older series, with the constant influx of new stuff. Granted, I am very picky so I rarely have more then five titles I’m interested in, in a given season. I feel like this is doable with a weekly watch schedule. Fingers crossed.

I’ve talked about my ever-expanding manga pile, which is much more then 3 titles. I have not made any recent additions, but the pile hasn’t shrunk either since I mentioned it last. If I can read two series in a year this past year, certainly expanding to three this year seems completely doable!

Well, now I’ve managed to talk about last year’s goals, and now this year’s goals. It’s a bit self-serving to post this on my blog, but then again… that’s what my blog is for! I’ve condensed my goals into half, so now it’s time to get out there and get started! I’ll keep you guys posted, as the reviews come!

So, now I pass this on you guys. Do you have an goals for anime/dramas/manga this year? Or do you have other goals in general you’re trying to accomplish this year? Let me know your thoughts below!


  1. Hey it’s the time of year for us all to self-serve a little with some recaps / goals / announcements! Seems like the A to Z challenge has come up a few times now too, cool to see it catching on now considering I began that in 2018! Best of luck with it, I ended up finding a lot of interesting anime thanks to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It’s such an interesting idea, so we’ll have to see where I end up in dramaland. I’m looking forward to sharing my discoveries!

      Liked by 1 person

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