December (2019) Monthly Favorites

Hello friends, at this year I just wanted to drop a belated happy holidays to all. This part of the season can be wonderous, as well as difficult for many. For me it means that I was resting to the point that I nearly didn’t get this post out in a timely manner. I don’t have any visual media (I.E. no videos) to share with you guys. Just this last batch of awesome posts I found this month.

See you in the new year!

First, and most importantly of course that anime reviews this month has blessed me. Anime reviews are always blessing but this month is special. Watching Asia Film Reviews, released TWO reviews of one of my favorite series of all times; Ghost in the Shell. In “Anime Review: Ghost in the Shell (1995)”, as well as “Anime Review: Ghost in the Shell: Innocence (2004)”, which are both beautifully written and I highly recommend checking them out.

Aditionally, LofZOdyssy also reviewed G.I.T.S but not quite the films. In “Anime Hajime Review: Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex”. It’s another great piece that really did remind me of why I love G.I.T.S. so much. Of course, in poking around their blog I realized that they have evenΒ more G.I.T.S content, so… I have subscribed and will be diving into those pieces too!

Continuing with anime series, I came across AniPhanBoi’s post called, “What I thought: The Morose Mononokean Series”. It’s a short and sweet post about the series, and succinctly points out the good and bad of the two seasons. I too am hoping for a season three!

Following that up, and still in the realm of yokai anime was “Merry Days of Anime: Natsume Yuujinchou (Season One)” by Kapodaco. I think we have another member joining the Natsume cult! Kidding. Kapodaco does a great job reminding me of what makes the first season of series so great. It’s a great refresher for those that need reminders as to why Natsume Yuujinchou is so great. I hope they continue into the follow-up seasons!

Vering breiftly back into anime films is “Redline – Anime Review”, by HPHOLO. It’s a great review that points out the best the film has to offer. I’ve reviewed this film myself and I think it’s worth checking out this review, and film if you haven’t already.

On a completely different note, but still in anime world and specifically the anime idol world. “Colloquium: Top 10 Anime Idols” which was a collaboration between deluscar and Leap250. It’s a really sweet list, highlighting not only the best girls of the series (perhaps?), and some of the best idols anime has to offer. It may or may not have given me more series to watch (eventually of course) but more context as to why these idol series are worth checking out!

Wrapping up my anime portion, is a post that is about anime but not a review. It’s about reviewing actually. In “I Try Not To Write Negative Reviews”, Scott discusses what the title says. It’s a self reflective piece that really gets you thinking about how you review. Are negative reviews that bad? how often are you writing them? Is there even a point to writing something not positive? These are are some questions to consider within the blog, and really got me thinking about my own reviewing habits. I hope you give it a read, and maybe considering it’s a time for reflect (end of the year and all), and see what you’ll change in the future!

Taking a peek into that manga world, Blerdy Otome covers, “I Hear the Sunspot BL Manga Review”. I have seriously heard nothing but good things about this series, and this review just adds to the positive press. I’ve mentioned the series a million times and hope I’ll get to it in 2020. If you need just one more review to get on the boat, this is that review!

Next is a bit of a wild title I had no idea existed, “My Father is a Unicorn Review” by Al’s Manga Blog. The series sounds absolutely wild. The review Al did really captures the appealing nature of series and certainly has me interested in reading it in the near future!

It’s time to talk dramas and movies! First up is “Just Watched: One Page Love”, which was covered by missinelly. It sounds so short and sweet, that I just might have to make the time to watch! Something for other JDrama fans to fit in to the vacation time and give it a binge-watch.

piecesofminty has done something I wish I had been brilliant enough to think of! In “2010’s Rewind|Dramas from 2010”, she begins revisiting that dramas that she’s watched over the past decade. It’s a really great idea, and a fantastic read for fellow drama fans! Be sure to check out her additional articles on the following years!

Wrapping up my JDrama section is teaaholic, “Career or Love for our Tokyo Bachelors?”. It’s a great overview of the series, dissecting where it came from, the relationships explored and so much more. Not quite full spoilers, but even with the in-depth analysis it’s more motivation to watch the scenes unfold in front of your own eyes! Another series if I have the time next year to drop in and watch.

Now we get to the music section of this favorite section. “Listening to Japanese Music: Monthly Recommendation Round-Up (2019)”, by Leap250. I always enjoy Leap’s recommendations and this month was no exception! Be sure to check out the blog as well as the tunes!

Similarly, we have “Infrequent J-Song Roundup #15 – Favorites of 2019”, by alfredopasta. It’s a neat post walking us through alfredopasta’s listening history for this year (that isn’t yet another Spotify wrapped), and always full of fantastic suggestions for new tunes to check out!

Away from recommendations, is a reflection fitting the end of the decade. “Nujabes, [adult swim], and Cowboy Bebop: How anime influenced my music taste as a kid”, by Jenn. Seeing someone’s taste in music change over the years is one thing. Tracing back from where it started to where it is now, is another. It was really interesting to read how anime influenced an area outside of visual media in Jenn’s life. Be sure to give it a read! (Also there are music recommendations at the bottom lol.)

From Turntable Thoughts, was the major food for thought piece of, “What does it mean to “appropriate” the music of a different culture?”. It’s a sensitive topic, and this post does a good job breaking down some key points in the argument. It’s very thought provoking, and worth a read for many of us.

NICK, from the Bias List wrote probably one of the best articles regarding Kpop of all time, or at least this year. “Eight Lessons that 2019-era K-pop Could Learn From INFINITE’s The Chaser”, and I couldn’t agree more. “The Chaser” will always be a KPop classic and seriously; new groups take some damn notes. I listen more to Infinite’s back discography then this year’s release, no joke, and this article just explains why.

Shifting slightly off the immediate music topic, to one focused on the fashion within a music video. “Shop the Look: Ohno Satoshi (Don’t You Get It)”, shows the high end and more budget friendly versions of replicating the outfit. These posts are a lot of fun for me to read, so I figured I would share!

Now, it’s time to take a look some non-blogger posts from the net. First up is a bit of a history lesson for those interested. “Some of The Deadliest Samurai Were Women, But History Forgot”, while a bit too thin to have taught me anything new, it’s a great starting point for those interested in history. Many samurai buffs often flat out ignore female samurai, which is a shame. I want a historical drama or anime based on them already!! Please for 2020??

For movie buffs, and JRock fans, it’s time for our worlds to collide. “BAND-MAID and MIYAVI to appear on Netflix filme “Kate””. I know Miyavi’s been on the rise for becoming more active in acting (I still need to see him n “Unbroken”. He was so good in “Gangoose”). I’m shocked that BAND-MAID got billed for acting, so I am truly curious to see what happens. So something more for me to look forward to with Netflix!

I’m a fan of interviews and we have one with, Ayakashi no Kiko. “Interview with Ayakashi no Kiko”, was published with jame-world. It was an interesting read, and I’m hoping the band picks up more interest in the next few months!

Lastly, is Jrock News with “The decade of Jrock girl bands”. It’s a great overview of seven of the biggest bands from the past decade, both active and disbanded. It’s a lovely place to get some information to start your deep dive into the world of Japanese Girl’s Rock!

See you all next year!



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