Let’s Go~~ BREAKERS! on “Cheer Danshi” – The Movie

Yes, it’s a double update post from me! I knew if I was going to finish one mult-media franchise, I had to finish both. So, I am quickly back at it again with another movie review. This time covering my clumsy but beloved “Cheer Danshi” (Cheer Boys), in the live-action movie. As previously discussed, “Cheer Danshi” was an anime, manga, and now a live-action franchise. While I have watched but not reviewed the anime, I did cover the manga earlier this year. Unfortunately, due to my travel schedule I missed seeing this in theaters. There was a quick turn around on getting the DVD out, and rentals are still a thing in Japan so a win-win for me!

A quick re-cap, is that Bando Haruki (Yokohama Ryusei) injured his shoulder in judo. He decides during his recovery that he no longer wants to continue judo. His best friend, Hashimoto Kazuma (Nakao Masaki), ends up quitting the judo team with him, and recruits Haruki to join a new team immediately; Men’s Cheerleading.

I can’t gush too much about the premise considering how well versed in it I am. I still like the idea of two friends going out and inspiring others through their cheer performances. The various aspects of camaraderie and being who you are despite what others think, is really powerful.

It helped that the cast is really well seasoned. I’ve seen Yokohoma Ryusei nearly everywhere this year, and wasn’t sure if I’d feel his performance. I ended up really loving his portrayal of shy and growing into himself Haruki. Another highlight was how complimentary Nakao Masaki. He had exactly the right energy to be Kazuma to a t.

Shogo and Friend
Left; Sugawa Ken. Right; Iwaya Shogo.

My favorite scene stealers would be Hasegawa Gen (Iwaya Shogo) and Suzuki Soichiro (Sugawa Ken). Their strong brotherhood was amazing in the film, I almost forgot at times they were acting! The balance between the two sets of close friends, plus individual’s growth was really well done. Not to mention… Iwaya Shogo has an amazing smile. It’s literally brilliant and any time I see it, in this film or when he’s performing in The RAMPAGE; it’s attention grabbing. I wasn’t convinced at the announcement of him being cast as Gen (always pictured Gen a little taller), but he won me over with his smile and dedication to the role.

Also the dynamic between Haruki and Haruko (Shimizu Kurumi) was excellant. I won’t argue a super strong familial resemblance in casting, the acting made up for it. Both actors knew just the right amount of push and pull to bring about a reasonable sibling relationship. Kurumi killed it in the judo scenes as well, maybe she used a stunt double, maybe not, but it was still impressive.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 3.55.07 PM

I was a little disappointed that they didn’t end up filming at Waseda, where I know for a fact the cheer team originated from. Alas, trying to film there would be pretty difficult so the set they chose wasn’t bad.

Additionally, it followed the events of the manga closest. Given the film is a little under two hours, it would be hard to get all the way to the anime coverage of the huge competition. It was satisfactory to see where the original team of seven managed to accomplish on their own in the time alloted.

For what I believe to be the final part of “Cheer Danshi”‘s saga; a satisfactory ending. While it’s not an instant favorite of mine, nor will it be earning any big awards; it did what a life action is suppose to do. Bring a 2D story into the real world, and have it feel immersive. While “Cheer Danshi” absolutely nailed, and I just might re-watch if only to see more of a very smiley Iwaya Shogo.



    • I don’t post subtitle links because they usually get flagged. If you search ‘Cheer Danshi eng sub’ in google though, I believe someone subtitled this movie recently. I hope this helps a bit!


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