First Impressions of “Aristocratic Birth – PRINCE OF LEGEND -“

It might be December but it’s never a better time then now to start something new. I’ve always wanted to try and do a first impression post. So what better place to start then the most recent edition of the earlier franchise of “Prince of Legend” (POL), then with the sequel “Aristocratic Birth: PRINCE OF LEGEND”.

What an honest to god trash fire. After the original drama, and the subsequent movie
being released earlier this year, I thought they might go straight to DVD. The fact they are continuing with the drama then movie formula has me impressed. However, this formula is getting quite old already.

So what happened in this episode? The exact same thing as the last POL. Which was, throw no less then twenty new characters at us in their little groups at the new top speed of within ten minutes, introduce some dynamics and a bit of drama. Really nothing new, or original. At least when “HiGH&LOW”(H&L) did this, it was spaced out over the entire first episode.

With some threadbare explanations, which we can hope will be elaborated on, we are launched into the major conflict! Shintaro’s (Shirahama Alan) father, who passed away recently, apparently owes some major money to a host club “Club Texas”. This fee apparently due in a month! Whoopsie! They better pay up or Shintaro’s company is gonna be gone!

Do business lawyers not exist in POL land? Apparently not, because that’s not how those kinds of things work. I can assure you of that.

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 7.37.28 PM
I appreciate the earnest nature of Shintaro’s squad.

To ease off this ‘harsh’ moment, they cut over to the kiddos of original POL cast, who apparently not only are fantastic dancers but now are a basketball trio. Which is just… awkward to say the least. These weird inserted snippets of high school kids, with now a new story focused on adults working in construction and hosting is… interesting.

The story then introduces the main baddie of this series, the number one host of the “night ring”, and of Club Texas, Senior (Daigo). AB:POL is really coming at us with these intimidating names. Sigh. Cut to Shintaro doing his best to clear up these problems the legitimate way (a small blessing), some of his beloved co-workers taking matters into their own hands, two weird host club chant/rapping songs, and we have Shintaro facing off in fisticuffs with Senior for the patrons of Club Texas to watch.

Shintaro, surprise surprise, loses and is told if he wants to be a real winner to beat Senior at his own game. Shintaro stumbles out in defeat, the beautiful falling in trash because he is ‘trash’ analogy, and Shintaro’s co-workers find and rouse him. They are pissed at their leader being beat up and are ready to storm Club Texas only for Shintaro to give the big reveal; Senior is his blood-brother.


I won’t say this first episode was predictable, as the inserts to the highschool squad weren’t, but… this is already looking formulaic. The weird introduction, but no elaboration on twenty something characters resembles both “H&L” and the original “POL”.  The weird jumps from one group, to another group, then back come off as awkward and not good story telling. At least in the original “POL”, these jumps served to connect concurrent events within the story. In this series, it’s implied these events are concurrent. Not once was it truly established aside from it happening. The insertion of drama for secondary characters that probably won’t matter by the end of the drama is rather uninteresting. Focus on the main characters in the first episode, that’s why they’re billed as such.

I’m left with a fair amount of questions that I am curious about. How does this one co-worker having a pregnant girlfriend (who we haven’t actually seen) actually impact Shintaro’s business? Will it matter in two episodes? Is Senior truly antagonising Shintaro just for fun, or will we be shown his perspective? How many more times will we be subjected to the host clubs song/chants whenever a new host club appears? Why the hell are the high schoolers even being mentioned in this story? How will their lives connect to host club land?

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 7.59.50 PM
Gotta add in high school squad weirdly, just like the drama.

You now be asking; Rise what is your actual first impression then? If you could not tell; this is yet another pretty-boy trash fire. Surprisingly though the acting has leveled up, with the inclusion of more actual actors. I have no complaints about acting or delivery thus far. I am not expecting this series to be anything but an LDH money-grab. HOWEVER, I am ready for my low expectations to be met and to be throughly entertained by the absurdity of it all.

I won’t be weekly reviewing this, but I am curious to see how my first impression changes from this first episode all the way to the movie.

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