November (2019) Monthly Favorites

Hello blog-o-sphere, it is that time of the month where I point out some amazing blog posts from around wordpress and elsewhere. Normally, I have a much better set schedule but things this past month admittedly knocked me more on my ass then I thought they would. *sigh* So my schedule deviated a little bit, and I also didn’t get to commenting as much as I would have liked to. It can’t be helped so at least I can feature them here.

Before the blog post features, I did want to link the video below. I know many fans are curious about Japanese culture as a whole, and the idea of people disappearing in such a way in Japan is both fascinating and scary. It was food for thought, and I thought I’d take the time to share it here with you should you be interested.

As always, let’s jump into that anime goodness. First up is Karandi with the blunt title of “Why Do I Still Suck At Writing Anime Reviews?”. I personally look up to Karandi and her schedule for getting so many types of reviews out, full series, episodic, and more! The fact that such a well-known ani-blogger still struggles with the format of the ever daunting ‘anime review’ is oddly relieving. It’s a good read if you’re in a bit of a rut, or if you need a refresh on your own materials.

Next up in a more focused anime review from Bloom, with “Flavors of Youth Anime Film Review”. This film isn’t a series I’ve personally watched, although I have seen it come up a few times. Bloom offers a balanced perspective, in a manner that’s really insightful to what worked for them and what didn’t within the film. It’s very insightful if you’re looking to see if you should give it a watch or not.

For a more hard-hitting piece to get some thoughts of your own churning, from littleanimeblog, their piece “No handicap to heroism: how anime portrays disabilities”. Given the links to the 2020 Olympics and Para-Olympics anime and manga are for sure picking up on having more disabled protagonists. While there have been leaps and bounds in representation, there’s some troubling flaws worth taking note of. It’s incredibly well researched and well-written. Worth it to read over and consider sincerely.

Switching gears, I have two manga reviews for your this month. The first is “The Poe Clan Volume 1 Review” from AnimeUKNews. It’s a very solid review of the first volume, of a classic shojo that only recently got translated into English. Secondly is “Manga Review – Descending Stories Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju”, by Daiyamanga. The topic of the series got me interesting. Hearing the differences of how scenes might be better portrayed in the animated series, over this manga. As I say many times, but it remains true, is that I never considered that certain ideas, such as Rakugo, would be better off animated then in manga.

I just had to include this post by Lita that I will use Irina’s term “blogging on blogging” for the topic which is “Start a A Blog Than Youtube Psst. Trust Me On This.”. Which is Lita recounting their positive and negative experiance with at one point managing both a blog and a Youtube channel. As a blogger who has been tempted by the idea of Youtube, seeing Lita’s experiences really made me reconsider my ideas of potential expansion.

Transitioning briefly to film, we have Rio Hayashi’s post; “Review” Shunji Iwai’s All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001)”. This film was one I enjoyed back when I first got into Japanese films. I enjoyed seeing someone else’s thought on the film after not having seen it in so long!

Now, the lovely world of music portion of this blog! We have Japan Jams talking about “the peggies”. This a unit that I myself am hoping to cover in the new year. They’re a group for those who love JRock, or girl’s rock to be keeping an eye on. This post does a great job at highlighting and summarizing the group’s sound.

Appears, has recounted their experiance with Ayumi Hamasaki’s, “LOVEappears: A (personal) history”. I love reading other people’s experiences with albums and artists. Given it’s now the 20th anniversary of said album, now’s a good time to start reminiscing or diving into these classics.

Lastly, orange jasmine purple yam has talked about “ARASHI comes of age at 20”. Which is their recounting a fan being blessed with Arashi’s leap into the internet, something I mentioned in last month’s monthly favorites. Again, it’s always fun to read and react to other fans thoughts on our shared favorites new endeavors.

Now I have some non-blogger news mostly focused on Japanese artists. I don’t quite have as much to say as the blogger pieces this month so… they’ll be linked for your reading. Firstly it was annouced that “EXILE HIRO Appointed Director for Tokyo 2020 Olympics Torch Relay Takeover Ceremony”. I’m super excited to see how he makes the ceremony brilliant. Next was that Yoshiki of X Japan fame, “Broadcast of YOSHIKI’s “Live at Carnegie Hall” PBS Special Expanding Across the US. Hell yeah, PBS and YOSHIKI teaming up for the power of classical music? A win for us all. JRock News did an “Interview with HAKUEI: Revitalizing the visual kei scene”. JRock News knocked it out of the park, and I can’t wait to see HAKUEI’s next moves. Continuing was the Japan Times interviewing MIYAVI in “Go on, just say his name”. A must-read for MIYAVI fans. The last is once again the Japan Times talking “Through scandal and stellar sales, AKB48 dominated the past decade in Japan”. Love them or hate them, AKB48 and their ever expanding sister groups, have truly changed the landscape of Jpop this decade.

With all that said, I’m going super-old school VKei on you guys and leaving you with one of the few November VKei songs in existence:

With that all said I’ll see you next month!


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