Spoopy Throwback – Halloween Night

To be honest, I am one of those people who does not pay attention all too much to holidays. This became even more obvious to me as my friends started to post countdown to Halloween stuff, pre, during and post Halloween ‘fall’ schedules and more. Yes, I 100% support people going crazy for their passions/interests. Don’t look at me funny when you start doing this in the middle of August when I’m still binge watching summer movies.

This year, instead of once again ignoring the holiday season I thought I’d try embracing it a little. In my own way of course, and that being with music. Admittedly, unlike Christmas which can get absolutely annoying as shit with it’s music; Halloween does not have this problem. My mother would beg to differ and reference you The Shaggs “It’s Halloween” from the wonderful year of 1969 as being the most annoying Halloween themed song of all time.

I don’t disagree with her. All these years later she still sends me the song on Halloween without fail proves her point. In fact, it lead me to being reminded of my own annoying Halloween song from my study abroad year in Japan. That song of course, being AKB48’s 2015 hit, “Halloween Night”.

To be fair, this song is actually a really catchy. The hook is unbeatable, and I remember humming this song off-handedly a lot on my commute to school. It’s got that basic AKB48 formula, of some hit-or-miss lyrics, chorus, hook like crazy, some insertion of English, and repeat. This time it actually works! Not to mention, this era of AKB48 had my favorite and only ever oishimen Yamamoto Sayaka is featured on it as well.

The content of the song is pretty mild. It has the plot of a group of young women heading out to a costume party, having a good time. There’s some singing, dancing, small amounts of tricks being played. They of course, have some intention of maybe catching another goblin or ghoul’s romantic attention while they’re at it. Pretty par for the course in Japan type of stuff. Keep in mind this was before, one Halloween actually took off as a thing in Japan. And for two, before rather destructive tendencies of Halloween night in Shibuya (this article specifically references last year’s destruction) started to be a thing and then the subsequent ban on alcohol for this year.

This video, while still does eventually have the girls don some short skirts and heels as they are known to do; showcases them in some pretty creepy cute costumes as well. Plus a lot of the throwbacks included to previous musicians was really nice. I’d say the success of this song, would even later lead into the AKB48 TV Drama “Crow’s Blood” (2016). Seriously! Who would have ever thought AKB48 would cash in on creepy cute?

Oh yeah, did I mention this song got annoying real fast though? You could barely walk twenty feet in a shopping district from October even into November and December without this song blaring somewhere. It’s honestly up there now with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Crazy Party Night” with how over played it was.

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a quick, “OMG this song is so cute and fun” to “I hate this song OMG turn it off”, in my life. My favorite memory with this song is hearing it at a Tsutaya in December with my host sister the year it came out. Both of us immediately started singing along, only to both immediately groan after the chorus. We then were both so shocked the other knew the song. My host sister knew it from being on replay at her job. I knew it because of Tokyo’s noise pollution. Both of us ended up laughing so hard about it being played, in later December still!

When I reminisced about that moment, I decided to open up Spoopy Month with it. Of course, I’ll be doing more ‘serious’ Halloween tracks. After all the aesthetic of Halloween does line up with my favorite genre of music quite well, so expect that follow up soon. It’s a catchy song to get you into the sleepovers and candy eating mood!

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