September (2019) Monthly Favorites

Welcome back to another edition of my monthly favorites. It’s the post where I talk about some interesting posts from WordPress, as well as the net and share them with you. Ah, it’s been a good month for me. Mostly, and by mostly I mean in the fact I went apple picking with a group of ten people and bought more apple juice then humans should be allowed to have. One of the benefits of living in Aomori; access to all the apples, and therefore all the apple juice, all the time.

Normally, this portion is for new video related medias, but while I watched a lot none of them really stood out. Instead, I have to bid adieu to another beloved girl group of mine. This month of the 20th of September, Flower, one of my all time favorite Japanese girl groups announced their disbandment. After eight years of activities, and a lot of line-up changes, the group decided to part ways and retire the Flower name.

Many members are still in EGirls, thankfully so they aren’t disappearing from the entertainment world. Member Mio Nakajima actually got married, and currently is expecting! The only member who is a bit up in the air is Mamami Shigedome, since she was Flower’s leader and only a member of Flower.

It’s incredibly bittersweet, since I managed to catch their performance earlier this year with E.G. Family’s tour. I will treasure that memory even more now. I’ve expressed my thoughts here, but seriously we are losing such a great group. The mix of power, elegance, and just… perfection. Below is the first song lyrics entirely written by vocalist Reina Washio. A fitting piece to see them off with.

Now it’s for time to start off with my favorite anime articles from this month. Kicking it off, we have Lita Kino with “Rain Has Never Looked Soo Good|To Weather With You”. Lita has hit a lot of excellant points of discussion from the film. I know this movie is going to be a hot-button film for awhile, and Lita really gives a solid commentary about the good, bad and in-between. It’s another great piece to hype yourself for the film when it come to a theatre near you!

From Rai’s Anime Blog, we have “Sarazanmai: Desire, Love, Circles, and Buddhism. My Analysis and Personal Interpretation”. Being honest, I had never heard of this anime until this post. As a Buddhist, I usually have my reservations about people trying to site Buddhism in anime. However, I was more then pleasantly surprised with Rai’s thoughts and interpretations! To the point I couldn’t think of an appropriate comment, and so a feature will have to suffice. Seriously, check this piece out!!

Now, it’s time to hit the gym. Christmas is coming people! Kidding, we’re talking about the end of the season reviews, one of which is Blackatron from Black & Yellow Otaku Gamers with, “NICE BULK! |How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift? Review”. Following a fellow blogger and their journey with the series from before, first impressions, and now after is very satisfactory. Drop by their blog to see all the posts about series, and now this final thoughts!

Lastly for anime, we have Scott as Mechanical Anime Reviews with “[September 2019 OWLS Tour] A Duck and a Knight”. Ah, my heart absolutely fluttered in such a good way when I saw this post. I really adore “Princess Tutu” and Scott reminded me that I seriously need to rewatch it. It’s a good boost of nostalgia, anime-wise, especially if you love ballet, and Ahiru the way I do.

It is now time, for some legal news. Sort of, at least in this manga-related feature with Irina talking about “The Legal Grey Zone of Scanslations”. It’s something many of us have participated in, dare I say most of us, but we as a community probably will never fully understand the repercussions or issues. I’m seriously pushing this piece because it’s very important, especially for those of us who really like to support the industry seriously. Very thought-provoking, and important read for anyone who uses those less-reputable sites online…

This month, although I have been devouring dramas like crazy, I only have one blogger-written article this month. I seriously love this series and will be getting around to reviewing on my own soon! Before me though is, K&J Reviews, reviews “JDrama : Dakara Watashi wa Oshimashita”, a Japanese drama about chika idols, and the fans that support them. Sometimes, no matter what. You can see the appeal for me with this series. Fans of Japanese dramas, Japanese idols, both, neither, should be watching. Seriously, I would argue this is one of the sleeper hits of the year.

Moving into music, starting off we have Slice of Alfredo!, with their “Infrequent J-Song Round-Up #12 – All About Hoshino Gen”. I would argue Hoshino Gen, is the soloist to know from Japan these days. He’s incredibly popular currently, and worth checking out to boot! Alfredo does an amazing job covering his discography in an easy to digest way, with their own thoughts as well. Be sure to give it a read and listen!

I’ve been a long time reader, but never quite got around to featuring. Garry from Idol is Shit, reviewed one of my favorite alt-idol group Masion book girl (MBG)’s latest material. The title of which is “[Review] Maison book girl – umbla”. I genuinely find myself eagerly reading Garry’s articles as he posts them. He has a lot of background in the genres that alt-idol borrows from, and it shows in his written description of tracks. So if MBG isn’t your thing, that’s cool. I think these reviews might be, especially if you’re looking from something a bit more detailed and where to start in the alt-idol world.

The All Japan Show, jumps into some interesting waters with their most recent interview, “Salute The Captain – Interview with Fate Gear’s Mina”. FATE GEAR, is an amazing group. I actually plan to cover them on my own blog soon! This interview was an important reminder to get my butt in gear and do it already! It’s a short and sweet interview, and hopefully will kick start your interest in this group!

Lastly, is Kayo Kyoku Plus, talking about “My 2019 Tokyo Trip – Top 5 Moments”. If you’re familiar with the blog, you’ll know it’s all idol, all the time. Kayo Kyoku Plus went to Japan recently, and went to a bunch of idol events in Japan! I love seeing other people’s experiences with idol culture, and lives. It’s a refreshing read for idol fans!

Now, for the non-blogging portion. I have quite a few articles, from some interesting places this month. On a variety of topics actually, so let’s just jump into it. First up from Bustle, we have “What Does Demisexual Mean? Here Are 6 Signs That You May Identify As Demisexual”, which I was never expecting to see appear on Facebook. Given it came from a close friend of mine who both of us have bonded over being demisexual, it made sense. I rarely really talk about myself personally on this blog, but I couldn’t help but share this part of my identity with such an easy to understand article.

Another friend, also on Facebook shared this article and I had to tilt my head at. I was not expecting to see this on Facebook and from the the site Nextshark. “Meet Japan’s Schoolgirl Gangs of the 70s That Became a Menace to Patriarchy”, again I was surprised at the content. A simple, but conhearant explanation of this phenomena that has inspired many beloved series and characters (Kyoko Honda and Uo-chan from Fruits Basket anyone?).

Now for some JDrama news. Yahoo, again Yahoo has covered that Ayumi Hamasaki’s “M” novel will be made into a drama series in 2020. I never thought I’d see the day that queen, Ayumi Hamasaki would get a drama, and that Yahoo!News would be the one to cover it. Additionally, Hanna on Mydramalist has added on to “J-Drama National Tour – Part 3” this month! This time it covers Wakayama, Mie, Kagawa, Ehime, Shimane, and Kagoshima.

Moving in to Japanese music, is first some Johnny’s news. Nishikido Ryo has left KANJANI∞, at the end of this month. It’s been hard to see the group settle on to hard times, especially with a lot of member changes after management changes on top of it. The official statement in Japanese can be read here.

Of course, we’re ending on Visual Kei notes for non-blogging. While I disagree with the featured image, the article itself is quite good. “The Freedom to Describe Yourself: Japan’s Visual Kei Movement”, explores another fan’s journey with the genre and where the genre could be going in the future. It’s a good one to read so you know I’m not the only fan still out there. Additionally, livejapanmusic release both parts of their interview with ACME!

This one is a new one for this article; featuring a non-Japanese, non-Asian band. This band, is nearer and dearer to my heart then most of the musicians I feature. I’m not lying! I’ve been listening to Hawthorne Heights (HH) since I was about 11. I’ve met the band several times, and not in the creepy way. The lead vocalist, JT actually remembers my name and where he met me. It’s just really touching as a fan, especially since he’s proven that he really does recognize me more then once. For reference, I’m now nearly in my true mid-twenties, so HH has been present in my life for a long period of time.

HH, has been with me when no one else was. I’ve been with them in the peak, decline, and now their return as an un-ironic dad band. Seriously, all of them are dad’s now and doting ones at that. They’re so down to earth, that I couldn’t not feature them. While “Pills” is a bit harder hitting then their more recent releases, but still that signature Hawthorne Heights sound. I hope you’ll give them a shot if only for one song.

With that, it’s the end of my Monthly Favorites! Thanks for sticking around, and I hope you found something new in here! See you next month!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out and the kind words! Also glad he released all of his music on streaming services cause I agree, a lot more people should know about him 😀

    I actually took interest in that post you included about chika idols; I really want to check that drama out now… although I’m still not finished with Legal High yet lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re super welcome! Thank god him and his management did that, it’s a blessing to us all.

      Oh man, that drama is seriously addicting. It’s so short, but so good so I really want you to watch but if you’re still in the middle of Legal High… Come back to it please. It’s worth waiting for!

      Liked by 1 person

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