HiHi Jets – The Case of Public Phone Booths

Unfortunately, it is not a mystery story this time around. I wish it was, sort of. However it is HiHi Jets doing what they do best, making everything a competition. This time I was more then befuddled, since they  were running around Shibuya looking for public telephones.

I think a lot of western-ers like myself are probably having the same thought here. Are their even public phone booths anymore? I know that living in Chicago and suburban Illinois, the answer is largely no. Aside from specifically at train stations, I can’t think of the last time I’ve seen a public phone booth. Let alone, I don’t think I’ve ever used one.

Which, is something HiHi Jets actually hit upon in the video. In the day and age of smartphones/cellphones not a lot of people know how to use a public pay phone. What the group hits on that is so important is given Japan having many types of natural disasters; knowing where one is in case cell service is down, is essential.

Of course, they tackle the idea of more of a challenge mode then anything. They pick the most heavily populated area of Tokyo and start looking. The team that finds the most booths at the end of their change, and the time period wins. Seems pretty innocent.

At first, a lot of the times you don’t even notice these booths but they are in fact there for one. And for two, there is actually quite a lot of them within a fairly condensed area. I remember watching this video and thinking to myself even in my rural town there’s at least two public phones within walking distance of my home. Even my parents remarked how there were so many public phones, and even people using them, that they were surprised.

I was able to bring up the points HiHi Jets made, much to my parents surprise. So yeah, thanks HiHi Jets for making me seem more knowledgable then I am. But seriously, while this video was made on the premise of a “challenge” it actually has a pretty important message in there. Intentionally or not, the group made a good point thats something I hadn’t thought more about. Thanks HiHi Jets for making more knowledgable about this.

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