7 MEN Samurai – Welcome to the Channel!

With the departure of SixTONES from the Johnny’s Jr channel; there were some changes made. The precious Friday slot, which one could argue is among the better slots for a channel going off TV standards, needed filling. Rather then switching established groups times around, they decided to bring in another Jr group.

Taking over the Friday slot, is 7 Men Samurai! Admittedly, like every Jr group on the channel; I had no idea aside from their name, who they are. A bit of basic info from the awesome blog, Johnny’s The Shonen World, bless you for this.

The group was established February 26th, 2018. they were formed for the purpose of performing together for Johnny’s Ginza 2018. Their announcement was April of that year. Their theme is playing in a band, as well as skateboarding. Their current line-up is actually six members; Motodoka Katsuki, Sugeta Rinne, Nakamura Reia, Konno Taiki, Sasaki Taiko, and Yabana Rei.

Above is their very first video, filmed all the way back in June where they learned they would be taking over SixTONES place! It’s a really sweet video, and you can tell they are genuinely shocked at the opportunity. Plus, we get to see a lot of shenanigans within the video with mostly teenagers/young adults doing what they do best; being absolutely dumb on camera.

Based on their suggestions for filming, I’m curious where they will go. They are now the collaboration kings, since they have collaborated with Bi Shonen, HiHi Jets, Travis Japan, and Snow Man. Being honest, you could argue they’ve collaborated with SixTONES in their introduction video. Which the videos remain absolutely wild, as these guys appear to have no idea what to expect and continue to go along with it anyways. Of course, I was giddy beyond belief that they did two videos with each group!

Lastly… a member might have caught my attention… but I will need to wait and see if the feeling is fleeting or not lol. With that, make sure to check out 7 Men Samurai on the Johnny’s Jr channel, and be sure to show them some love!

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