SixTONES – Debut announced, Instagram, and separate YouTube Channel!

Its official! SixTONES will be debuting will Sony Entertainment in 2020! You heard it here a month and a few days late. It’s been an exciting journey for the group for the brief time I’ve been following them. And so much has happened since that announcement!

Sony and Johnny’s has been doing a lot for them. Firstly is that the group got an Official Instagram Account which was started up on August 8th! Similar to their Jr’s Travis Japan, the account posts largely in English. Be sure to give it a follow to keep up to date with them!

As another surprise, the group also got their own individual channel on Youtube. They are the first Johnny’s group to have one! Given the smash success that JAPONICA STYLE the original MV was; I’m not surprised they were given such an opportunity. Currently the account has a few live videos posted, as well as the English version of JAPONICA STYLE!

I seriously don’t have much to add about this group. It seems that Sony Entertainment knows what to do with these guys, and Johnny’s is letting them roll with it. It’s absolutely amazing to me how quickly the group went from no official SNS aside from the website, to having an Instagram, Youtube, and a debut date set! I can’t wait to see what the group does debut-wise and in the future.

Keep it up SixTONES! Were waiting on that CD release!

Sub-Note; With SixTONES being slated for an official debut I will still cover the group as Jr’s until their debut. Once they have officially debuted, they will no longer be considered Jr’s by the company, and will no longer be covered as such on my site. I will still cover their releases as I can here.

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