Snow Man – Debut announced and CM’s!

We are continuing on the Johnny’s Jr hype train, this part being with Snow Man! It was announced publicly on August 8th that Snow Man will be debuting under Avex entertainment in 2020! It was decided only two days prior to Johnny Kitagawa’s hospitalization.

So obviously; I am ecstatic at the news. I was so overwhelmed that I was dancing around my hotel room with my parents (who were very confused). I have to say that Snow Man have stolen my heart and my attention as Jrs. While I had my doubts about adding in the new members, I’m glad they will be debuting as nine.

Especially since they’ve gotten some impressive CM’s while waiting for the announcement! The first video below being for Rock Ice, given they are Snow Man; it makes sense.

They even filmed some mini CMs for the Johnnys Jr Channel earlier this year! They really seem to be CM kings at the moment, given that shortly after this one they were offered a deal with Biore. Which, that is not an easy contract to get for being an un-debuted group. So check out the two CM’s below!


For all my hype, I do have some lingering concerns. Unlike their fellow soon to debut group SixTONES; there has been no separate Youtube channel made. No official instagram either, which has me perplexed since both sixTONES and Travis Japan have them. I don’t doubt that it has something to do with signing with Avex, who are notoriously bad about this sort of thing. I am trying my best not to be biased and ungrateful; I am beyond the moon for their debut. It just feels off.

Additionally, I am on the fence about their Jr channel situation. SixTONEs recently graduated from the channel, signaling their move away from Jr to full fledged group. Meanwhile, Snow Man seems to have been increasing their video output. Which, as a fan I have no complaints about. I love seeing Snow Man doing various things, and know that it will have to come to an end eventually.

From a business standpoint, graduating two groups from the channel at once isn’t a smart move. SixTONES regularly topped the views, with Snow Man being their only real competition afterwards. Taking two of the biggest draws to the channel wouldn’t be the best move. I also know for a fact that Avex will throttle any and all bonus material behind paywalls once Snow Man debut. I completely understand and agree with Johnny’s side of keeping the group on just a bit longer to have as much material available, freely, as possible before debut. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but business moves have to made accordingly.

So yes, absolutely excited about debut announcement and Snow Man sticking around a bit longer with the Jr’s channel. A bit perplexed about how the group will transition under Avex… and also pretty concerned about that to be honest. Only time will tell, for now Ill just enjoy my weekly dose of Snow Man as long as I can!

Sub-Note; With Snow Man being slated for an official debut I will still cover the group as Jrs until their debut. Once they have officially debuted, they will no longer be considered Jrs by the company, and will no longer be covered as such on my site. I will still cover their releases as I can here.


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