Bi Shounen – America Debut…?

So this was news to me, that I am genuinely surprised didn’t circulate more within online communites. Bi Shounen had not one, but two performances in August. Like, that’s a pretty huge deal since I don’t think a Johnny’s group has stepped foot officially in the states for a performance since Arashi in Hawaii. However, given the circumstances it was a bit inevitable that it would fly under the radar a bit.

So in summary, Bi Shounen performed not only at “THANK YOU ~KOYA-SAN~”, but also performed at “Sunset at the Plaza” the day before. Links for further reading to better understand the event and circumstances can be found here, and here.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 10.25.42 PM

I was pretty surprised that I found footage not only on Instagram, but also available on Youtube that hasn’t been struck down yet. So below is the opening number of Bi Shounen in America! (Additionally, happyanime107 has three other videos of additional songs from the same stage uploaded as well.)

I’m not gonna lie; it’s kinda cute how nervous they were. It’s pretty clear that they got some major coaching on their English before hitting the stage. However, as always Bi Shounen gave it their all (even if they dropped their fans a lot this time around…). Seeing that they collaborated with fellow Jr, Nao Oriyama for some stages was pretty cool too.

Given this was a month after Johnny Kitagawa’s untimely death, and the fact that it was in Mr. Kitagawa’s birth city; I’m sure it was a really fantastic opportunity for the group. From the crowd, I’m really impressed that there were a lot of fans in the stans for them! Being able to perform abroad so early in their pre-debut career is a huge boost. They aren’t quite pro yet, but it’s exciting to see their passion on stage to connect with their fans, globally.

I’m still a bit jealous of American fans though~ It’s such a rare treat that I hope they basked in all of Bi Shounen’s glory while they could. I’m curious if they will have any Johnny’s Jr Channel content on this (as of posting there hasn’t been any yet). Even if there isn’t; it’s still a great step for the group. Let’s hope the trend of going abroad pre-debut continues, but with a little more coverage!


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