Is it Bibidi Babidi Boo 2.0? – Honey Popcorn Comeback

Well, it’s been a bit but it’s about time I got around to some more Honey Popcorn updates. It’s been a little over two months since their comeback with “De-aeseohsta”. I’m armed with a short summary of my thoughts on the mini tracks, as well as three new members!

Before completely jumping into the music, I should cover the new members. They are Nako, Ruka, and Sara. I don’t want be overbearing with my thoughts. I’m a little surprised they didn’t pick up at least one Korean member. The group is keeping it’s charm with all Japanese members singing in Korean. I don’t have a new favorite member (it might be Sara, idk), but each girl seems really sweet. Be sure to check out their interviews linked above! I’ve added some photos, and links to SNS for them as well!

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 1.18.22 PM
Member: Sara

Sara’s Twitter

Sara’s Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 1.24.46 PM.png
Member: Ruka

Ruka’s Twitter

Ruka’s Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 1.18.04 PM
Member: Nako

Nako’s Twitter

Nako’s Instagram

So, now let’s jump into the new music video and the other new tracks!

When it comes to the title, it seems like “Bibidi Babidi Boo” part two. However, this title being even more difficult to pronounce and without being able to translate much of it. It’s a cute track maintaining the original core concept and sound of the first mini album. Unlike before though, this song lacks the clear hook like Bibidi.

The MV, while still obnoxious with the amount of screen time Yua gets; is a lot better balanced. Each member gets appropriate screen time when they’re singing or performing. The dance formations are a lot better as well, it’s not constantly the Yua show. I liked the sets, ‘storyline’, and outfits as well.

I don’t hate this track. There’s a lot of elements that are way better executed then previously. The vocal distribution is much better, and sounds better this round. As a lead track, this sound really drives home that the group is… average at best. They don’t have a stand out vocalist like other groups, but their sound is more cohesive without one. Alas, not quite the most promising lead track.

Which then leads into “You Fool”. This song shines in allowing everyone who isn’t Yua to shine more. Overall, the drive, composition and flow is a lot better then the title track. Whoever composed this particular hook, is doing an excellant job.

Wrapping up strongest, is ‘”Violet” which is easily my favorite song off this mini. When it comes to previous compositions, this one is leagues above “De-aeseohea”, and “You Fool”.  The hook is catchy, and the chorus is an excellant experiment with sound that elevates the mini as a whole. There was a tiny touch of rapping, but nothing too obnoxious. It wraps up so sweetly, and I honestly consider it adorable on their behalf.

Overall, for Honey Popcorn it’s a step forward to proving the group is not just Yua + backup dancers. I can’t argue that this mini is really remarkable. Despite how much I love ‘Violet’, it’s not a stand out track in the grand scale of Kpop. If you’re looking for a cute and airy album, similar to early A-Pink and reminiscent of Oh My Girl, this isn’t a bad mini to give a chance. (Check it out on Spotify!)

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