August (2019) Monthly Favorites

Welcome back to another edition of my Monthly Favorites. It’s a dope time of the month where I get to showcase the interesting stuff I’ve come across. I’m not going to lie; it’s been a weird month. I’ve traipsed across Japan with my parents in tow (featured picture is from vacation times), finished my first ever blogging challenge, got back into JDramas, stuck with a new hobby outside of blogging and so much more. It’s a genuine wow moment for me to look back on this month and see all that I have done, big and small.

Now it’s time to give back to the community, which I have somehow more or less caught up to everyone else’s posts, bless. First, let’s check in with some video content.

First is Stephanie Harlowe. I’ve mentioned before that I do have a bit of a thing for true crime. Seeing a Youtuber go in depth on a case that’s literally pretty close to home for me, was a treat. She is covering the notorious Chicago Tylenol case. If you’ve ever wondered why over the counter medicine is so hard to open; peep this video.


98% of the time, the Youtube algorithm is not great. Or at least questionable at best, and at other times it recommends me something that’s actually interesting to me and fairly informative. For me, that is The Punk Rock MBA, hosted by Finn McKenty. While I linked the original video I watched, “What killed Sadboi pop punk?”, because that was my genre of choice admittedly I have fallen down quite the rabbit hole. For anyone interesting in sub-cultures and music genres this guy is the place to start.

Now let’s get into the articles, same as always format. Kicking it off is Lita Kino’s post “Of Every Moment Anime Reminds Me”. This is a really personal post for Lita and it shows, through their choice of quotes and gifs. It really shows that anime is a lot more then just Japanese cartoons; it really means a lot to many of us. My thoughts to Lita in the time, but also my thanks for sharing this with us.

Following, is Irina’s post of “Top 5 Reasons I Might Stay Away From An Anime”. This is something, I never really thought too hard about but many other fans have. We are quick to put down a series just because ‘it isn’t our thing’ which is fair. I think a bit more reflection like this on what would truly prevent ourselves from watching something is in order. Or at least on my end, mostly because I stick to what I know and rarely take ‘risks’ watching anime.

Karandi poses the important question, “Is Being Kawaii Enough To Make You Watch An Anime?”. For me this was a very easy no, because I don’t care for CGDCT genre. However, as soon as I thought said thought, I knew I needed to read it. Immediately associating kawaii (aka being cute) with a genre is pretty dangerous. There’s so much more to kawaii then CGDCT! A good read for those who are quick to dismiss something based on image alone.

Shifting over breiftly to manga, is Scott with, “Kuroko’s Baseketball: Manga Journey Thoughts”. Given I was doing the Sports Anime Challenge this month, I had to take a look. Scott was new to the world of sports manga, and Kuroko is an intersting choice for a beginner. Seeing his thoughts, as a long time fan of the genre was a fresh look and made me appreicate the good, and sometimes the bad of the genre was really good.

Now, I feel it essential to talk about some more general fandom topics this month. Which there were three really cool articles under this broad umbrella this month! The first was Raistlen0903 with, “Special Features Presents: Fandom”“. While Raist doesn’t specifically site anime/manga, they do site films, something in my world. I agree, and for sure the more fans that read this and re-evaluate their thoughts/posts the better.

piecesofminty from Black & Yellow Otaku Gamers, talked about, “Opinion|How Things Have Changed – Globalization of Asian Media”. Seeing the trajectories laid out in such a simply format was really nostalgic for me. It’s really great to see how far we’ve come as a community, and that core things, sharing fandom together, is still around all these years later!

Lastly, is Fan Of A Certain Age, with “In Celebration Of Gen Fics”. Let’s go people, bring back to co-worker/office shenanigans AU’s. I need something beyond your OTP; where are the Alice in Wonderland AU’s? The day in a life of X fics? There’s more to fanfics then shipping, as this points out and we need to encourage more diversity.

Turning towards JDramas, we have When Sirius Writes covers “Doctor X3 TV Series Review”. Doctor X is probably one of the biggest medical dramas in Japan, if not the biggest. It currently has 5 seasons out, and the sixth season has been annouced for October of this year! So now is the time to get some insight to the series and start bingeing!

This piece is the perfect transitional piece from JDramas to music, by combining them both! My Musical and Writing Life wrote this month, “My Favorite OSTs from J-Dramas and Japanese Movies”. It’s a solid ten slots with a lot of Johnny’s Entertainment and others. Certainly worth checking out to get some ideas of new music to listen to as well as dramas to watch!

Before we dive too far into music; let’s talk some Johnny’s Entertainment articles. Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi did a quick blurb about Bi Shounen news, “THANK YOU~KOYASAN~BISHOUNEN”. I didn’t even know that these boys were going to America! If only I had been stateside I would have attended the show. Now though, I know and have some additional thoughts for a later article!

Talking about Arashi, who their impending hiatus gets heavier to bear as the months pass, we have orange jasmine purple yam with, “Westlife, Arashi, and that thing they call hiatus”. They compare two boybands, and discuss the greater implications of hiatus and what it means for the band and fans. With anyone that has a group on hiatus, or potentially going on hiatus this article will really help you out. I know it helped me.

Spinning into music in general is “Best Japanese Albums you need to listen to: July – August 2019” from Turntable Thoughts. An ambitious title, but well deserved in my opinion and that’s not just because I agree with some of the picks. I am all about expanded my musical palate, and even within one country there are so many genres to explore. Seeing what other peoples picked up, verses my own picks is super important. Give it a read, and give some new albums a listen!

While still musical, we are at the end for blogging with some rather sad and frustrating news. A fantastic idol news blog, kimi.kame has come to a close. I respected them so much for delivering idol news, especially for discovering new groups. It’s unfortunate but I respect them for coming to a close gracefully. Thank you for everything.

Lastly, is from Homicidols entitled “A Rant”. It’s a very valid rant. It’s a very important rant, especially after seeing that two groups really did have to cancel their events at Tokyo Idol Festival this year due to threats of physical harm. I couldn’t have said it better then myself, so give a read. Send some messages of support to your favorite artists, always.

Now for some non-blogger blurbs that I have come across. From mydramalist, is “Twenty Years of Arashi”, which talks about Arashi’s OST’s and dramas (Love so sweet, anyone?). Additionally is, “J-Drama National Tour – Part Two”, which covers Aomori! All my drama lovers be sure to check these out.

Jumping into something I have not talked about in awhile is jazz music. Specifically John Coltrane, a man who has not been on this earth for quite some time; has new music coming out. Specifically, the album is called “Blue World” and is coming out September 27th. It always amazes me how people can have ‘lost albums’, but this is one I don’t mind. My soul is absolutely jazzed for this release.

SwingingĀ  into Visual Kei; I have three articles for you. Of course, two of them happen to be ACME articles. I’m always so excited that they are getting so much international/English press; this first is from Treasurebox Press, and the other is A to J Connections. To wrap up on a more somber, but important note is, “Goodnight Sweet Prince, Jasmine You”. An article from JaME which is a memorial article for the late bassist of the band Versailles. A touching and well articulated piece.

Still rocking is that power-metal all women group Aldious, got a new permanent vocalist R!N. I’m super excited that this group has a re-stable line-up and I’m looking forward to some recorded material from them soon! Popping into Jpop, is a nice interview from the girl-group FAKY. Worth checking out, since they are finally getting some push from Avex to go global! (Also check out their newest release “GIRL GOTTA LIVE”, you’re welcome.)

Lastly, is a music recommendation soloist chami. Chami is an ex-member of a DIY ballet group, called Colorpointe. Below is her first MV “in the pool”, which is compelling and a bit eerie. It’s very different from her previous projects, and it’s so good. Please give her a watch, and get ready for an upcoming article in the near future.

With that, this month’s favorites have been spoken for! Hope you found some new material, and see you next month!



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