July (2019) Monthly Favorites

Welcome back to another edition of Monthly Favorites. It’s that fun time of the month where I get to showcase the interesting stuff I’ve come across this July. It’s been fairly humid in my neck of the woods, which without AC can be a bit bothersome. Rather then complaining, I’ve been doing my best to read and comment more this month with some mixed results on my end.

Surprisingly, despite my Youtube ‘Watch Later’ list being empty; I don’t have any fun videos to share with you guys! So, rather then wallowing on that let’s jump into the blog posts, usual format.

First up is Anime Shelter taking some first impressions of Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?, in their post “Learning How To Ecchi Excercise With Dumbbell Nana Kiko Moteru?”. We ended up having similar concerns about the series. Mostly, the concerns of the main character being considered ‘overweight’, and the lame premise of ‘She’s considered overweight so no boyfriend so far!’. For first impressions, Anime Shelter’s are pretty spot on. I’ve been enjoying the show thus far, and hopefully this review encourages others to give it a go!

Also from the realm of this season’s anime is Irina and Karandi talking about, “Given Episode 1 – Musing in E Minor”. Seeing two of my favorite bloggers come together for a post about a series I was interested in was a fun read. They talk through the hits and misses of the first episodes, and thus far the series seems to be shaping up fairly well!

Taking us away from this season is the very good question phrased by Scott, “What Counts As Older Anime?”. It’s something that I think a lot of fans, new and veterans alike struggle to decide. There are some series it’s obvious that they are ‘older’ and a lot that are not so obvious. Seeing his take, and many others in the comments, are a goldmine of things to consider. It’s certainly something to consider given that reboots are on the rise lately.

In terms of anime, we have Jon Spencer writing about a series near and dear to my heart, “Nadia: Secret of Blue Water – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea… in SPACE!”. Given that Scott talked about what could be considered older anime, this series is a good place to start if you’re looking for some. Jon wraps up the good and the bad points of the series in a easy to read manner, reminding me of a lot of details I seemingly forgot. Also this series seems to be a semi-cult classic status in the West? I remember watching it ages ago and no one knowing about it, but since blogging it’s become a fairly well known, or at least received, title.

Alas, I have no manga posts to transition to this month! However, Biblonyan has us covered with a book review instead. “Rainbirds by Clarissa Goenawan: A Phenonminal Surrealist Contemporary About Loss & Identity – Book Review (Asian Fiction)”, just about says the major points of the piece. Of course, you should still read the whole review before heading off to buy it. I think it would do me, and probably many others to go back to reading some more fiction. This review just might convince me to get an e-reader just yet!

Heading into general fandom territory, we have Fan Of A Certain Age discussing “Should Fandom Include Adult-Only Spaces?”. As someone on the cusp of being considered ‘old’ in fandom (mid-20’s), this is something I personally straddle the line with. Lately, my opinion is that we should if only because I am tired of trying to self-police myself online. It’s really good food for thought, and I highly recommend people check it out.

Additionally, Bloom Reviews has some recommendations for “Five Ways to Improve Your Comic Reviews”. It’s not the standard advice, and it includes a lot of additional sources outside of Bloom’s blog to read and consider. If you’re a manga reviewer, comic reviewer, etc you should for sure check this out.

Moving into JDramas, we have My Mwooz with “Just Watched: Neko to Jiichan”. If you’re looking for something light, with cats, and not a manga to live action adaptation give this review a look and then check it out yourself!

Next up is Precious Jasmin with “[Japanese Drama] Switched: “Being envious will do us no good”. Switched was a smash hit in the JDrama community last year, and this post is a excellant summary as to why. Bonus points is it’s available on Netflix and is only 6 episodes long!

As always, coming in at the end is the music portion of my favorites. First up is Slice of Alfredo with “Thoughts on SHISHAMO BEST (And My Problem with Best Albums)”. Now seems to be the time were I can dive into girl’s rock group SHISHAMO. Alfredo as a long time fan highlights the good and the bed of this compilation album, and with best albums in general. If you’re like me and on the fence about the group, nows the time to get into it!

Switching gears we have Kayo Kyoku Plus discussing “Modern Idol Classics – My Selection”. It’s a short piece highlighting more recent fare in the idol world, especially since this blog tends to be dominated by older titles. I was certainly surprised by their choices and not in a bad way!

As always, it wouldn’t be my monthly favorites without some Visual Kei! Living as Kohaku has an excellant piece celebrating a very special musician and his birthday, “Happy 46th Birthday, GACKT”. It’s good to know that one of my long standing favorites in the genre still has other fans here on wordpress. It’s a short and very thoughtful piece.

Six Guns – It’s Only Rock’n’Roll put out “Original Interview ANFIEL”. Anfiel is an under appreciated band in my opinion so seeing them get some love and a translated interview is fantastic. I highly recommend checking it out, since it has some great insight to the group members!

We are in the home stretch folks! Just two more posts and a music video I promise!

First up from MyDramalist, there is a fantastic post called “J-Drama National Tour – Part 1”. If you’ve ever been looking for just a few of the hot spots in your favorite drama, or a recommendation based on region look no further then here! I can’t wait to see future posts!

Lastly, is Gajinpot talking about the origin ‘weeb’ and ‘weeaboo’. A word I think many of us here on wordpress are familiar with but may not fully know the origin. In “What is the Meaning of Weeaboo or Weeb?” you can venture to the not so distant past of this origin story.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be my favorites without at least ONE music video. So this month goes to the newly debuted The Guzmania. I have really been digging their first EP, so I’m hoping I get around to reviewing it sometime soon. For now, here’s just a sample with the first track “shadow dance, under the moonlight”.

With that’s it’s a wrap folks! I’ll see you at the end of next month with a new edition!



  1. Lots of great stuff here, and thank you for choosing to include something of mine as well! 🙂 I’d say that Nadia has managed a cult standing here, but it isn’t super talked about outside of a small circle like a lot of older shows unfortunately. Still, I’m glad my review resonated with you, especially on a favorite 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for taking the time, work and effort to showcase the work from other creators from the community ❤ Also, thanks for sharing my post eheh Glad to see that I'm not the only one to think the same way hahaha
    By the way, really nice music at the end 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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