Snow Man – In… candyland?

Oof, I’ve really been slacking when it comes to Johnny’s Jr content. I thought I had just about caught up to them only to miss watching one or two videos and the cycle continues. One day I will catch up!

This particular video stuck out for me for two reasons. One, I could read the entire title in Japanese and understood what it was about. Which was really a positive for me! The second was the topic matter, which is snacks! I am very passionate about my snacks, including my favorite indulgences in Japan. So I was more then curious to see where the West’s idea of popular snacks in Japan would stack up to Japanese people’s ideas.

So a lot of the video is actually based on “懐かしいの味”(Natsukashi no aji) aka the taste of nostalgia. For the nine guys of Snow Man it was a trip to a literal candy store that had all the flavors from their childhood as well as current tastes as well. The trick was to find the most popular items, so would people’s tastes be current or in the past?

Seeing that the guys are a bit spread out in ages Tatsuya being the oldest at 27, and Raul the youngest at 16, there was a lot of ideas of what they perceived as being popular candy. Of course, the first round of rejection absolutely crushed me as well since they were so proud of their picks…

I found it absolutely hilarious to see how tall Meguro Ren (the tallest member in Snow Man) was verses Sakuma and Shota… Not to mention the reversal of fortunes in their competition! For those not in Japan, I think it might be eye opening to see the bigger variety of snacks available, there’s so much more then ramune, pocky and Hi-chew! So while every time I watch the video I’m compelled to get a snack of my own, it’s a real treat of a video to see the members getting along so well.

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 9.58.26 AM
Their newest Youtube image so sporty~


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