HiHi Jets – Who Said What??

Oof, I’ve really been slacking when it comes to Johnny’s Jr content. I thought I had just about caught up to them only to miss watching one or two videos and the cycle continues. One day I will catch up!

The following video really caught my attention given it’s title- Who Said It; Great Figure or Sakuma? Sakuma has always been one of those thought provoking trainees since he says some pretty interesting stuff. It’s either absolutely stupid, or borderline genius. This video really seeks to explore that side through a quiz game.

Given Sakuma’s nature, he’s a pretty easy going guy so this quiz wasn’t going to be too long. More or less, it set the stage to see how the other members would logic out who said what. The amount of times they said they really hoped they picked correctly so not to credit Sakuma was pretty funny to me.

Of course, it was hilarious to see who got what quotes wrong. The most curious one was when the quotes were presented without how might have said it, added a layer of surprising depth to it. That Sakuma was in charge of it all was a fun change of pace, and even the members commented on how fun it was for them too!

Well, time to try and get back in the saddle and catch up on more of their videos. Until next time!

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