It’s not a reboot it’s – Make It Anime Tag!

Firstly, I need to thank BiblioNyan for tagging me! I had seen this go around a little bit but hadn’t quite decided if I would just on it or not. Thus when I was tagged back in May I was giddy! Well, now it’s time to actually start writing this post verses just picturing it all in my head!

Before my picks, we gotta mention the rules. So here we go~


  1. Thank the person(s) who tagged you and link to their posts. (Check)
  2. Choose 1 book, film, and TV series of your choice that you believe would work as an anime (a series of books/films is allowed).
  3. If you want to choose more than 1 or can’t think of anything to contribute for a specific category, that’s okay; no worries.
  4. Explain why you think your choices could work as an anime (animation could enhance it, different genres may impact the narrative, etc.).
  5. Link back to Average Joe’s original post so they can check out everyone’s ideas and suggestions.
  6. Nomination 5 to 10 bloggers.

Book: After Dark by Haruki Murakami

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 4.37.17 PM

This is potentially a lesser known Murakami short novel clocking in at just 191 pages. The story actually only covers one night in Tokyo, largely set in a Japanese Denny’s. There’s two sisters, Eri and Mari at the core along with a jazz trombonist, a female love hotel manager and her staff, a prostitute, and the businessman who beat her. Oh! And that asshat businessman has something to do with Eri and there’s some surreal items in the series as well. It’s Murakami; close to reality but just strange enough to make you question your own.

Now, depending on the studio this condensed plot or premise could either go really well or really bad. I could see this being a hard to sell series since it only covers one night in Tokyo, but it’s got a lot of surreal elements that makes it compelling. The good news is that it would be a short series, probably around the 12-14 mark depending on how the pacing would go. Personally, I could see the action working out closer to Baccano! or Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens with plot, characters and pacing. I could really see a more retro/classic style like Cowboy Bebop in terms of animation, which I think would suit the mood the series really well. There might even be a Bungo Stray Dogs effect that would occur i.e. anime popularizing older fiction and drawing in new readers.

A win-win-win for everyone! Now to get Mr. Murakami himself on board….

Film: Akira Kurosawa’s ‘Dreams’

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 7.54.56 PM

I went back and forth on my selection for this. Trying to adapt a classic film to anything else is pretty much improbable. I know many Kurosawa fans that would crucify for merely for suggesting this. There’s a lot of things that could really work for adapting this film into an anime. The potential is incredibly high for success given how Kurosawa’s story-telling is timeless and has influenced anime producers and directors!

So now some nitty gritty of some more technical details of getting this adapted. The first is the issue of dialogue. “Dreams” has minimal dialogue, so the impact would be closer to ‘Angel’s Egg’ with all the story being shown not told. Honestly, this would be well appreciated in this era of telling not showing. The dark and heavy elements of ‘Angel’s Egg’ wouldn’t work until later elements of the dreams though. (If I’m remembering the film correctly)

The next would be that “Dreams” is somewhat naturally broken into parts. The film flows from dream to dream somewhat seamlessly, given it’s a film. I could see a bit more liberty taken breaking the film into around five dreams total making it move OVA style. Working it similar to how Katsuhiro Otomo’s “Memories”, or even Daft Punk and Toei Animation’s “Interstella5555” flowed could work incredibly well!

Lastly, is the animation itself. Since it’s a set of dreams from a film, I’d really like to see a distinct and more playful style of animation. Something really experimental and quirky that genuinely would be hit or miss with fans. I wouldn’t want the studio to play it safe with this piece. Something like “Tokyo Marble Chocolate” or “Colorful (Movie)” for animation style and deliver, I think would work really well in showing the dream sequence.

Ugh, just picturing this in my dreams is making me want it more. Maybe for an anniversary of the film I’ll get my wish? One can only hope!

TV Series: Twilight Zone

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 4.39.46 PM

This was a no-brainer. I love the Twilight Zone. It’s not New Year’s Eve for me unless I watch at least an episode. It’s timelessly off-putting and I adore it for that. It really makes you question if how the world currently runs is really that logical. I haven’t watched Jordan Peele’s reboot yet, but as soon as I get the time I will binge.

As an anime, this would be a hard sell admittedly. Aside from the narrator (Rest in Peace Rodman Edward Sterling), there’s no reoccurring characters, overarching plot, or a lot of hallmarks of how anime is typically created and produced. Much like “Dreams”, I think this would take a very bold studio to produce. It for sure season-wise would be short, maybe 10 episodes to start.

What would make it great, is seeing some classic Twilight Zone episodes being adapted, but also some new anime-specific stories coming. I have a laundry list of social issues within Japan that could be presented and taken apart and it would be so good I can practically taste it. However, despite how awesome it would be, I doubt it would be green lit for that same reason. If it was produced it’d probably fall into an obscure late-night channel and only get a cult following… but hey that’s what The Twilight Zone is all about!

Somehow, I feel I went more technical in my explanations rather then why it would be a good idea for these series aside from I like the original so I’d watch the anime. I’ll probably work on my anime pitches a bit more before going up to any studios anytime soon. I would love to see others write this post, so as usual I’m taking the easy way out and tagging… YOU the reader if you haven’t done this tag already!


  1. YES!!! After Dark would make an awesome anime film; I loved the book so much!! It was one of my first Murakami reads and I’ve been wanting to go back and re-read it. Dreams would also be an awesome anime!! I haven’t seen the Twilight Zone, but it sounds like it’d be a great fit too. Wonderful choices!! 🙂

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