Johnny’s & Associates – Taking the digital age literal

Boy oh boy, Johnny’s and Associates have taken ‘the digital age’ quite literally this year. I’m late since this Youtube post is from back in February! Anyway, the company announced that they would be creating it’s first digital idols in collaboration with the platform Showroom!

They two digital idols, are slated to have a new video posted each Tuesday, around 9:30PM Japan Time. The two digital idols, are called Asuka Kaido (blonde) and Kanata Ichigoya (black hair). Their voices are from two real idols in the Johnny’s Jr. unit Naniwa Danshi from the Kansai Johnny’s Jr. Joichirio Fujiwara is voicing Asuka Kaido, and Kazuya Ohashi voices Kanata Ichigoya.

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 9.39.09 PM


I’m taking a pass for this particular round of idols. I’m not a big digital idol fan personally, even with the Johnny’s Jr label on it. It’s very intersting to see Johnny’s finally diversifying where their talents go and how they go about it! I never thought I’d see the day Johnny’s would be available online on Youtube, let alone on Showroom!

While their main stage is Showroom, obviously, they do have a Youtube channel here. So be sure to check them out on both as you can!

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