April/May (2019) Monthly Favorites

Well, I’m back at it again and this time it’s with some neat-o posts from around the blog-o-sphere. It’s been awhile. Maybe you guys even missed this from me? Hard to tell, but beside the point. I enjoy putting out this sort of content and seeing people’s reactions or their own posts based on new stuff they’ve found!

This post, much like my earlier music post it’s a bit longer so feel free to jump around based on my usual formula; videos of interest, and posts from WordPress in order of anime, manga, dramas and then music. Given that this is kinda my return to WordPress, I have decided for ease of reading (this is gonna be a long blog) to omit non-Wordpress articles for these two months. With all that said, buckle up, grab a snack and let’s dive in.


Kicking this off, is the only ‘ani-tuber’ I follow, which is The Anime Man.  In this video he discusses his love for the manga series “Ichigo 100%” which he admits is a cliche series. Being honest, is something that we need to talk about more because far too often cliche= means it’s bad in many people’s eyes. Cliche can be overdone, but more often then not they’re pretty enjoyable because it’s familiar. I dig cliches in small doses in most medias. I’m not quite inclined to start reading “Ichigo 100%” but, I can appreciate the detailed explanation of why it’s great.

In a similar vein Red Baron is covering a… unique side of anime conventions. I’m not sure why this came up as recommended, but I’m glad it did. I just missed the majority of Yaoi Paddle drama, since I didn’t attend my first convention from until 2010. This is a very oddly specific piece of anime/manga history and worth checking out since it’s under 15 minutes long. It’s amusing, interesting and maybe we’ve come together as a community and learned from this (probably).

So… this is a bit on the news-y side of things, but there’s pikachu in it so that has to count for something right? Given my love for Sci-fi, the idea of Augmented Reality sounds fun. I mean, we all make jokes that the movie ‘Akira’ predicted the 2020 Olympics but is anime that far off? Is it a good thing for our fiction to mirror the future?

That I cannot answer. I’ll admit seeing some of the potential future aspects was awesome. In fact, it reminded me about Ghost in the Shell! Hell yeah! My immediate thought after that though was; “Oh, shit it looks like Ghost in the Shell…”. I mean being in Ghost in the Shell would be awesome in many ways but overall… can’t vouch for it. Worth checking out for those who need more Sci-fi going real world, or to have a minor crisis about the incoming cyborg/android debate perhaps.

JRock News posted this just in time for me to listen fully and then be able to slide this in to my monthly news. It’s very rare to be able to interview a bandman, let alone one that’s fluent in English. JROCK NEWs managed to snag an interview with Kenbo, the drummer and composer of the disbanded Art Elicia. Now, I didn’t follow Art Elicia in their heyday, but that didn’t stop me from checking this out.

For those that are curious about the more fine details of being in a Visual Kei band, and some of the inner working this interview is worth checking out.

I bounce around when it comes to true crime Youtubers, but Georgia Marie is one youtuber that I’ve only seen a few times. Her covering the little known bit of history about “The Radium Girls” was really informative. I’m a casual history buff, so this piqued my interest and it’s worth the listen. It’s well articulated piece about something I knew nothing about.

So let’s first get into some anime and manga posts from this month. I’m usually a little bit more meaty about talking about these posts but… there is a lot of material I want to feature so I’m going to trim my thoughts down as best I can.

First up is Cosmosis talking about a personal favorite anime/manga series “Toward in the Terra” in their post, “Anime Review: ‘Towards the Terra’ is Space Opera Done Right”. I’ve already written about before, and still adore even now. They express the history and other Sci-fi series that have influenced the Toward the Terra. I hadn’t know which titles influenced the original author but now I do! Seeing other fans outside of the anime and manga bubble watching and enjoying this series made me so happy to see!

Next is Karandi with “Up Close with Xianming Lin”. I loved Tonkatsu Ramens when it aired. Lin even manged to secure a spot in my personal harem! One of the great things about not only this piece, but Karandi’s series in general is re-visiting and reminding people about past series. By showcasing one of many characters that came together to make the series great, reminds people to bump it up on their plan to watch list or that the series even happened! I hope anyone who hasn’t seen the series yet, takes a gander at this article and considers it!

Following this is Scott with “Don’t Diss Fans Of The Original Work”. With a seemingly never ended cycle of older series getting re-boots, sequels, re-vamps, however the studio wants to package it; it’s good to acknowledge why these series are getting these treatments. A series can be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if no one knows about it after a year or so was it really that great? Long time fans, who generously support a series even after airing or finishing it’s run are the reason why a lot of companies pick them up again and give them a re-boot. It’s short and manageable to read. Scott manages to articulate everything I could ever hope would be mentioned if I had taken a shot at writing something like this!

Coming in hot, is the Anime Feminist with their article “[History] The Tezuka Revue: How an all-woman theatre troupe influenced the Godfather of Manga”. Tezuka is probably one of my favorite authors ever. The man who created “Black Jack” which is still my favorite manga series of all time, deserves all the praise and commentary he receives. I mean come on, there’s a reason aside from Scott’s article that Dororo got picked up for a reboot! Anime Feminist does a fantastic job recounting the history of Tezuka and Takarazuka in a way that’s simple, but through. It’s informative to newbies to Tezuka as well as some longer standing fans. All the criticial points are hit, without getting to technical or too off topic.

This is on topic but a slight deviation from anime and manga but… it fits best in this section so here we go. Cinema Anime talked about an older cartoon from the North American past, “Cartoons and Anime: Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi”. If you grew up with Cartoon Network back in the early to mid-2000’s at one point you probably saw an episode or two. Revisiting the series and how it fits in Cartoon Network as well as how anime and cartoons are closer linked then most think was a solid read. I mean, it also helps that I’m still quite the fan of the real life band PUFFY Amiyumi. The cartoon might be over but the band lives on people! Here’s hoping we get more crossovers like this in the future!

Onto a bit of a subject that was comedically mentioned earlier in this post, YAOI I mean Boy’s Love. Japan Subculture Research Center, if you aren’t following is a good blog to start. They cover a variety of topics with a bit more scholastic backing. In “Boy’s Love: A Dynamic Expression of Sexuality”, takes a longer and more through look at what makes this genre work. For BL fans, or those who have always rolled their eyes and clicked away at the mention of it, it’s a good read to better understand this genre and it’s impact.

Bloomreviewsblog introduced us to “Our Dreams at Dusk (Shimanami Tasogare) Manga Volume One Review”. Given the hype of this series elsewhere online via some single panel shares, it’s good to see a serious review being given. While art is a major selling point, when it comes to manga the cover art can be incredibly misleading. So far from this review, the art couples well with the story at hand! Give this a look to see if the series is going to meet your expectations.

As a transitional piece, GIVE IT A SHOT has done something that I am now inspired to do once I actually I get some motivation and time; compare live action adaptations (dramas and or films) of popular anime or manga series. In “Jellyfish Pictures to Motion Picture: Princess Jellyfish 2014 VS 2018 (SPOILERS)”, they take the time to compare the film and live action drama series. I am honestly shocked that this isn’t someone’s blog theme! (If someone takes that idea I expect credit thank you.) Given how popular the manga and anime was, it’s a bit of a surprise to me as well that no one else has covered this series! Despite my lack of knowledge on the series itself, the anaylsis of what worked and where is easily explained. Well worth the read if you’re a fan of the source material, or are completely new to JDramas!

Following into Japanese dramas in now a Japanese movie post, specifically “After Life ワンダフルライフ, Hirokazu Koreeda, 1998)”. This movie has a special place in my heart as being among the first Japanese films I ever watched. Seeing Windows in Worlds, cover the film to bring it back even for a minute or two to people’s attention makes me really happy. I hope that you take the time to read the post as well as consider watching the film.

I stumbled on MissGoreFan’s Horror, gaming and art blog through their post titled “Let’s chat about – The Machine Girl (2008)”. Being honest horror is a genre I prefer in small doses since I am incredibly selective about what films I watch. I doubt that I’ll ever watch “The Machine Girl”, this review shines the light for hardcore horror fans, as well as those of us just starting out.

I promise, we are making our way to the end. Kevy Metal in “Differences on Buck-Tick’s ‘Koroshi No Shirabe: This is Not Greatest Hits'” is a good read. It certainly provides more technical insight into the subtle differences a remixing or mastering can do to the original. For BUCK-TICK fans, now that they’re on Youtube, be sure to take a look and a read before buying!

Down the music rabbit hole we go~! Kotobites Japanese has put together a handy list I wish I had back in the mid 2000’s, “Where to find and buy Japanese music online”. We are in 2019 my friends; musically we are beyond pirating. Or maybe I’m just bitter my favorite sites were taken down. Moving on, it is a handy list and guide to get started on your musical journey especially after all the recommendations I gave you earlier today!

Alright,  I promise this is the almost end. If you’ve made it this far treat yourself to something nice afterwards. Closing out my monthly favorites is +THEGOODTHEWEIRD+ with their post “+takashi murakami and hip hop+”. Takashi Murakami aside from being an absolutely wild human being, is a fantastic artist. Again, another common theme is that I’ve wanted to make a dedicated post to him for him but I haven’t yet. So it goes. This post is a good place to start especially if you’re more in tune with the Western music scene then I am.

Congrats! You’ve made it to the end of this post for better or worse! Thanks for reading, and see you next month with and admittedly shorter list!


  1. Thank you so much for the mention! I’m the author who contributed the Boys Love article. Really appreciate your support.

    I’ve also started writing book reviews on my personal blog if anyone wants to check them out. Still a wip of a website but…I’m working on it between life and a full-time job!

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