Honey Popcorn needs your help!

Just when I thought Honey Popcorn was a one and done… May 10th rolled by with this juicy upload.

At twelve minutes long, it’s a bit excessive for what really needed to be announced. The main points for those who don’t understand Japanese, I’ll summarize below.

Honey Popcorn did recruit new members! There’s at least three new members, who are all Japanese, and we get a tiny preview of one new member at the end of this video.

Their management apparently tried to sway Mnet to launch a reality show for the new Honey Popcorn members… however they didn’t have enough firepower to get through the longstanding red-tape that Yua talks around this video.

Instead of a reality TV show on Mnet they are using a Korean app called ‘mysta’ to upload their content and showcase the new members for their upcoming second album. I’ve never heard of ‘mysta’ before in my life but… if it works it works. Hopefully there’s some traction for the group on this crowdfunding platform. (I’m more a fan of makestar myself… but alas.)

The video mainly focuses on Yua completing one of the ‘mysta’ challenges which is ordering Korean food, in Korean on the phone. Apparently their crowdfunding project will consist of the girls completing more of these challenges in a similar manner. Which if Moko and the new members get some screen time it would be nice to see.

The last two minutes we finally get a peek at a new member, with hopes that it will be enough to entice us to support on mysta.

Which is then rise, wash and repeated in the following two videos. Again, Yua completing a challenge, showing us a charm point of a new member but not their full face. It’s a bit annoying and I don’t care to repeat and summarize so I’m moving to the final video.


Now the video above is probably the most important one, as it is Yua explaining all the rewards and the goals the group has to meet on mysta in order to get their comeback. To be honest, I’m not sure they’re going to make it. Considering their goal is to get 7 million points.

With said 7 million points or more the comeback will consist of; A independent program filming, MV Powerplay on MNet and the MV Spot will be broadcast. Which given that their MV isn’t suppose to be shown based on trade treaties is a big deal. Their next goal if 7 million doesn’t happen is 5 million.

At 5 million or more points the comeback will consist of; MV Powerplay on MNet, and MV Spot will be broadcast.

If it’s close or not quite to 5 million points; their will be an MV Powerplay on MNet.

They intend for the fans to give approximately 1 million points a week, totaling in this process taking 7 weeks total. During the second week if the goals are met, the new members faces will be revealed.

The rest of the video was explaining if an individual accumulated so many points that they would get certain benefits/rewards.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 5.25.29 PM

7 million points on an app no one’s ever heard of, for a group that hasn’t had activities in over six months, and just… wow. I really think Yua and the company are expecting a bit too much.

That’s a lot of ask of a fandom that’s been largely trashed by the greater Kpop Community and really doesn’t have a lot of previous material to go of off. I really feel that the company is feeding off strictly Yua’s popularity and fanbase. I don’t feel like this is Yua’s main priority given the circumstances.

I personally would have taken the focus off Yua for five minutes, let each new member do an intro video, film a group video asking for support on this app or similar crowd-funding page. Alas, it’s not my choice to make.

My interest in Kpop is mostly gone, but I am curious what kind of numbers they will pull on this app. I’m curious further still if their fanbase will expand or if this project is dead in the water… only time will tell. We’ll check what happens next with my next check in!

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 6.45.32 PM
It certainly seems more real with this picture…

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