E-Girls – Japan’s Best Super Girl Group

This is part of my personal hype train, for my first E-Girls concert. So I’m bringing out the big guns and doing a bit a introduction section, along with a bit of analysis of the most recent tracks for every unit. I’m so excited to jump back into writing about Japanese musicians, and what a better way to start then with a company and the girls, I love so much.

It’s been a long few of days, but we are finally here: the profile of the core of this tour, the unit with the most members and I’m not even mad about it – E-Girls. E-Girls is the biggest female dance performance group in LDH’s arsenal, clocking in with 11 members. There are two E-Girls only members, Anna Ishii and Nonoka Yamaguchi. From Sudannayuzuyully we have Yurino, Suda Anna and Yuzuna Takebe as performers and vocal. From Flower are Harumi Sato, Nozomi Bando, and Reina Washio as two performers and vocalist respectively. Lastly, with the bulk of members being borrowed from Happiness are Sayaka, Kaede, Karen Fujii, as performers and vocal, along with previously mentioned Yurino and Suda Anna. This group takes the best of everything from these groups, combines it all together in a group with precision dance in various styles, elegance, sex appeal and so much more!

E-Girls, given the volume of current members have had a wild fluctuation of members since 2011. Notably, they have 26 former members from various iterations of Flower, Happiness, Dream, and E-Girls itself. Most members have gone on to focus exclusively on solo activities, or just one specific group. It’s caused a fair amount of chaos and instability but E-Girls has survived it all. The last mass ‘graduation’ being in mid-2017, which was more a re-distribution rather then fall out.

The group is 8 years strong, and continues to re-invent itself and it’s image. I was not there in the beginning, alas. I only know the woes of the members of Dream leaving, but not Bunnies, and then Rabbits (yes those really were dance exclusive units). However, starting in 2015 with “Dance Dance Dance”, was a great place to begin. It’s only gone up from there, even with line-up changes.

Like LDH in general, and as I have emphasized to the point of over emphasis is that LDH does not make a ‘standard’ Jpop idol groups. They create performance groups, with diverse dances, songs, themes and so much more. E-Girls is the pinnacle of a mature, dance group. There’s no simplified prancing on stage with little touches of bounce and maybe a 10 second solo for one lucky ‘center’. They constantly build and challenge the limits of choreography and stage presence to keep challenging themselves as a unit. It really does show!

The songs are built around what vocalists they have. They don’t pointlessly make performers learn to sing or rap, unless they themselves want to. Old songs are remastered and re-distributed to better suit the current line up (as well as cut out former members in royalties, it’s not always pretty) and still used in the concert tours, as well as albums rather then being completely ditched. I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of ‘Highschool love’ or ‘Gomennasai Kissing You’ but those songs are still fan favorites and still sound pretty solid with the new distributions!

The girls really care about their roots of the group, being a super group with super group qualities. They have tie-ins within company, and outside of it. Yes, they have plenty of number one singles and albums. They have tours, and success as individuals not just as a whole. They respect each other, and their music.

I mean, they only just released their first true ballad last year with “Aishiteru to Itte Yokatta’ last January! There’s still tons of angles and directions for the group to go and grow.

Yes, it can be a bit intimidating seeing 11 stunning girls performing intense choreographies. Another neat trick about the unit is the target audience; it’s both men and women. Unlike a bulk of girl groups with their target being just men, or being just women; E-Girls is meant for everyone. Their themes and their dances are for everyone to enjoy and try and that’s what makes them a great unit. I’ve met just as many fans that are girls, as guys and there’s no competition about whose the ‘real’ fan.

When they annouced that they were going on tour, I knew I had to go. I had missed them once, I would not allow myself to miss them again. The fact the group took on having Sudannayuzuyully, Happiness, Flower, as well as graduates Dream Ami and Dream Shizuka just really makes my heart warm. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me when I finally get my own little slice of love, dream, and happiness seeing them all together.

You can find all E-Girls videos, past and present on Avex Channel on Youtube. I can not over recommend enough, taking a listen through their extensive discography on Spotify. You will find at the least one song that tickles your fancy. And yes, I am continuing to be annoying by plugging all 11 members Instagram handles as my wrap up: Yuzuna Takebe, Nonoka Yamaguchi, Harumi Sato, Nozomi Bando, Washio Reina, Anna Suda, Yurino, Kaede, Sayaka, Anna Ishii and Karen Fujii.



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