Uproar a year later? Not Exactly: One Year with Honey Popcorn

By now, most visitors to my blog are fairly familiar with the the “controversial” debut in Korea. For any first timer’s, Honey Popcorn was a trio of JAV actress, Yua Mikami, Matsuda Miko, and Sakura Miko. Due to some scandalous news of them being in JAV, and debuting as a Kpop group, their debut had divided Kpop fans last year. If you’d like some of my more in-depth commentary, you can check out my posts here, here and lastly here.

Today, March 21st 2019 marks their first year anniversary! I wish I could say that this group exceeded my expectations, but that would be a “pretty” lie. I’ve done my best to hold out hope, but alas they’ve done about as expected. They have had some interesting changes over the year.

Firstly was that on August 17th, 2018 Honey Popcorn actually announced an audition for new member(s) as seen below.

They boasted that they would take candidates from anywhere! The audition was suppose to take place from August to October. The anticipated comeback date was slated for  January 2019 with a comeback. However, nearly 7 months later and there have been no updates on anyone being selected, audition videos or a comeback. There was rumor that 5 new members were added, all JAV actresses, but no official statements were made.

Another unanticipated blow was that on December 23rd 2018, Miko announced officially via her Instagram that she was leaving the group.

You can view the statement on her Instagram here, and the video below details much of the same.

Honestly, I was pretty shocked that Miko announced her graduation. The group’s schedule is not nearly as intensive as many recently debuted Kpop groups. I was originally pretty glad the group wasn’t going to have to slug it out with intensive promotions, and scheduling. Given how much time has passed, with little to no updates, the lack of group activities, is actually the bigger problem.

The girls debuted knowing that their promotions would be throttled in South Korea. Regardless, they held a debut showcase, performances in America and Taiwan as well as two performances in Japan. In all honestly, they hit up major secondary markets a lot quicker then most groups, although the reasoning probably wasn’t for that. Despite the limited promotions, they faired pretty well.

However, Honey Popcorn served more of a career prop-up then a serious venture. Miko, especially saw a significant increase in JAV work after debut if her Instagram was anything to go off of. Given that Honey Popcorn wasn’t her main job, and wasn’t occupying a lot of time, it made sense that Miko would consider leaving. Given that the group also held auditions for new members (supposedly), her departure was a clean cut and reasonable timing for her to exit the group.

That doesn’t mean that she has any bitter feeling towards her members. She still follows Yua and Moko on Instagram. In fact, she and Moko are often in similar studios/appearances since there’s a ton of pictures of them together. Speaking of Moko, she’s still doing well, as well. After re-doing her instagram, she’s doing a lot of guest appearances and modeling work.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 8.03.50 PM

Lastly, this leaves Yua. She’s kept herself busy outside of Honey Popcorn, starting a clothing brand called “Your’s”. One look at the site, with everything currently sold out. Given her popularity as a influencer, JAV, and part-time Kpop star, I would say she’s doing incredibly well.

I have a confession to make; I couldn’t bring myself to invest in the group with so little to go on. Instagram, and twitter were absolutely devoid of new content aside from one dance cover of OH MY GIRL BANANA’s “Banana Allergy Monkey”, and “Pretty Lie” in Chinese. Which is a little ironic given that Miko’s graduation video was uploaded the day before.

I will forever cherish being able to say I’ve seen them as OT3 in Houston. Despite my many complaints about that convention, the girls themselves were adorable and sweet. Their performance was fun and energetic and I’m glad I got to witness it live. Aside from the occasional earworm re-listen, I haven’t listened to any of their songs in months. Although, that song easily still has the most memorable hook from 2018.

Seeing Miko leave, was bittersweet. She was my favorite member. Given that her opportunities lie in JAV, it makes sense that she would pick where she would be successful. I will keep loose tabs, so I hope for her success in the future. As for Yua and Moko… I genuinely hope Honey Popcorn makes a comeback. They are really talented! Their songs are sincerely bubbly and fun! At the moment, I am doubtful but not worried since both girls are successful as individuals as well. Only time will tell where and when Honey Popcorn will pop up next.

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