HiHi Jets – Mountain Climbing

Why are groups younger then me so hard to write about? Am I really getting that old that I don’t feel like I can comment about them since they’re so young?


Anyway, HiHi Jets went and did something I have yet to do which is climb Mt. Takao, a mountain not to far from Tokyo. I was curious what sort of twist they would put with it, so having them try and compete for the least amount of steps certainly made it interesting.

I can’t say the two part series was anything extraordinary, just a bunch of teenage boys essentially vlogging. However, it does show that despite all the pressure put on them to become idols and have a perfect image that they aren’t. That at times they’re lazy and take short cuts, long breaks, and whine. That buried beneath the costumes and other goofy stuff that they’re just five bros climbing a mountain and having a good time along the way.

Not every piece of content put on Youtube needs to be mind boggling and absolutely insane, just like not every blog article has to be some in-depth analytical piece. Sometimes you just need some light viewing material, or light reading material. If it happens to make you laugh, that’s all that you need.

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