Snow Man – Are we sure they aren’t Sanrio Boys?

Sorry if the preview image is misleading but… I mean, are we really sure Johnny’s? If you’ll remember a million years ago I posted a bit of a recap talking about Watanabe Shota’s suggestion for content for the channel. His suggestion was more or less, his dream to meet the Sanrio character, Cinnamoroll. This was later followed up but a pretty sweet gesture of Fukuzawa winning him a Cinnamoroll plush from a crane game. And well, then we got this:

This first video is the six guys of Snow Man doing a bit of a Q & A reveal, on their way to Sanrio Puroland for Shota to meet Cinnamoroll. The video has been subbed in several languages, so go check it out if you’re curious. Some of the answers are hilarious and others are sweet.

Which leads into the next video, with a link below. Snow Man, and Johnny’s gets permission to run around Sanrio Puroland filming and doing a series of challenges on the way. The goal is to clear three tasks before the other team. And while this series of videos is tailored towards Shota’s dream, we do get to see the other’s suckered into the fantastic world of Sanrio.

Of course, with the challenge aspect it allows the members who maybe aren’t comfortable admitting what they truly like, to still be manly. Or absolutely stupid, it’s usually a health mix of both to be honest. Which leads into our conclusion of the challenges and the moment of truth for Watanabe Shota as dreams really do come true in this final video.

I say this a lot about Johnny’s Jr but really it’s just… heartwarming to watch them. Unlike Sanrio Boys, which I made a bit of a joke about, no one really bullies Shota for his interest in Cinnamoroll. They kinda go ‘oh shit really?’ and that’s about it at first mention. They play along with him, and at times make jokes at his expense about it, but nothing harmful. Shota knows that the members have his back and support him.

It really goes hand and hand with what (at least what I thought) Sanrio Boys was attempting to tell us; there’s no shame in dudes liking cute things. Even if Shota pulled a me, and forgot everything he was going to say to Cinnamoroll.

Watanabe Shota officially get my vote for most relatable, un-debuted Johnny’s idol.

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