Tokyo B Shounen – Learning about Issei

So… I am personally calling myself out since not only has it been a hot minute since I last talked about these boys. Additionally, they have joined the ranks of their sempais in having a strange addition or change to their name. As of November 29th 2018, two months after this video (and I’m only talking about this three months later…) They are ‘Sexy Bishounen’. Which is reminiscent of ‘Sexy Zone’, who were all of 12-13 when they were given that name so I guess Johnny’s is sticking with it as a concept…

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 9.10.12 PM
Kanasashi Issei fyi.


Moving forward, Kanasashi Issei is the last member (for now) in Tokyo B Shounen/Sexy Bishounen, who was added in over a year ago. The members acknowledged that after only a year together; the members don’t quite know a lot of things still about Issei. They also tied it in to their song “Bokura wa Mysterious”.

Putting a twist on it, instead of the other members making the questions and asking Issei, Issei made his questions and asked the members their thoughts.

Ryuga was really cute saying that since he and Issei joined Johnny’s at the same time that he would know the most~

The questionnaire was only nine questions long but… it’s just really cute to watch teenage boys be teenagers. Especially with certain members being absolutely confident about their answer to be completely wrong. It’s also entertaining to see everyone get it right, since well they’re enthusiastic.

In all honesty, I was pretty touched by Issei’s genuine answer to his 6th question… It pulled at my heart strings a bit. Not to mention how shocking of a confession it was.

Overall, just a cute video showing boys being boys in the best possible way as Tokyo B- I mean Sexy Bishounen should be.


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