FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE – Welcome to the Tribe

I’ve been waiting for this day since the announcement came so unexpectedly back in September that the boys would be debuting officially, December 5th 2018 with ‘Overdrive’. Which, if you didn’t see back on November 15th when it dropped; here you go~


Honestly, I’m shocked they actually took the time to write a epilepsy warning – then again that’s LDH looking out for it’s fans though. It’s a simple set, with some pretty… fantastic special effects and stunning dance sequences as well. The song if fun, well put together, if not an almost ‘standard’ piece for an LDH group to get. I mean that in the sense that it’s a solid debut song, just not particularly stunning. They can’t completely destroy the competition right off the bat and steal rookie of the year, ya know?

In all seriousness, I’m very proud of the boys and all they’ve done. Losing Shota, the member that makes FANTASTICS9 was a very hard loss in August. That they’ve been able to channel their energy into a debut is nothing short of amazing and I have the utmost respect for them for it.

RIP Shota.

That being said, I want to let as many people know about this talented, amazing, and well deserving group just as I would with the other groups I’ve introduced in the past. FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE is a 8 (9) member group, consisting of 6 performers and two vocalists. The leaders of the group are Sekai ( 世界) and Sato Taiki (佐藤大樹), who are also performers in EXILE TRIBE.

(Another fun fact is Taiki is an actor who I’ve talked about previously here.)

Rounding out our performers are Sawamoto Natsuki (澤本夏輝) , Seguchi Leiya ( 瀬口黎弥), Hori Natsuki (堀夏喜) and Kimura Keito (木村慧人) . All four of them were previously involved with EXPG’s performance team called EXPG Generations. In 2016, it was announced that they along with Sekai and Taiki would be forming a new unit. (Shota was also recruited with them during this period.)

This leads to Yagi Yusei (八木勇征) and Nakajima Sota (中島颯太) the two vocalists of the group. Both were announced to be the winners of Vocal Battle Audition 5, on December 20th, 2017 and therefore the new vocalists of FANTASTICS.

Yusei, before joining EXILE TRIBE was a contestant in the Best Body Japan 2016, where he won second place in the Mister Best Body Supermodel category. He had both Instagram and twitter prior to winning the competition but has since deleted both.

Sota, is the youngest vocalist in EXILE TRIBE and LDH currently (at age 19, year of birth being 1999). A fun piece of trivia is that he was born two days after Kimura Keito.

To wrap this up here’s a PR clip from Oricon which shows live performances of both ‘Overdrive’ as well as ‘What a Wonder’ the B-side to ‘Overdrive’.


And no LDH release would be complete without JIJI Press doing their thing and having a bit of a PR clip released:


To wrap this up nicely; I’m elated. Overly excited, thrilled, and tearing up a bit while writing this. They’ve really come so far, so quickly and I’m over the moon to see where they go in the near future. It’s nothing but upwards and onwards for FANTASTICS.

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