November Monthly Favorites

Without further ado, here goes this month’s news! It’s a little sparse this month, but so it goes!

I have literally been playing a not even full song clip, on loop for several days now. That is RARE for me to do so you know the song has to be good to get that kind of attention. I haven’t actively been following Flowback, but this track alone has me hooked. I’ll have to give them way more serious consideration in the future!

Spooked? Maybe not but nonetheless FATE GEAR knows how to grab attention with their steam punk themed outfits. I’ve only recently discovered the group, and I am falling hard. Don’t worry, once I resurrect my girl bands feature they’re on the top of my list to write about. For now, hopefully this tribute to Destrose will suffice. I’m very excited to hear their future music that’s on the way.

Lastly, I’ve been seriously impressed with ‘the Raids’ output this year. They’ve released a LOT of content this year and this newest release is topping my favorites. A different direction with it just being a lyric video, but nonetheless incredibly enjoyable. Dare I say for Visual Kei even ‘easy’ listening…

Moving forward; it wouldn’t be a monthly favorite without ACME. ACME announced their U.S. debut at Anime Milwaukee 2019! I’m so excited for them and I hope they have a wonderful time! Let me know if any of you are going. I’ll be seeing them again in Sendai in April 2019 since they’re dropping a new single and tour in 2019.

A blast from my past is that Fruits Basket is getting an anime reboot. This reboot is going to cover the whole series, with Natsuki Takaya at the wheel producing it. They’ve changed the voice actors but I’m very excited to see what happens! Hopefully an airing date comes soon!

Lastly is that JRockNews and Club Zy, have announced a mutual partnership! This means that content will be translated and shared between the two sides with the goal of spreading Visual Kei globally! As a fan of both sites, it’s a dream come true!

For my finale, is from When Sirius Writes about Special A: Quick Thoughts. I still haven’t watched the series, but the manga has a serious soft spot in my heart forever. And thus my monthly news is over!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.20.58 PM
Still the best twins ever.

I’l probably skip December and just do a double whammy in January. So see you then!

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