HiHi Jets – Shows you 1000yen goes a long way

I know several groups had previously mentioned how much they wanted to have a co-ordination battle or show their fashionable sides. It’s a pretty common thing to have the ‘most fashionable’ member in a group since that usually means they get more magazine spreads, and other gigs outside of idol life. What I was surprised by is that Hihi Jets, and by Hihi Jets I mean, Takahashi Yuto, Igari Soya, and Sakuma Ryuto for this video going thrifting of all things. (Hashimoto Ryo and Inoue Mizuki were absent this video).

I know that in the states only recently has thrifting become a bigger thing for everyone to do. It use to have the connotation of being something that those with less income did to make their money stretch, etc. However, that’s been changing thanks to hipsters, more or less so people of all demographics do it.

In Japan, thrifting never really had that type of connotation. Everyone from the famous to grandmas goes thrifting for something. From clothes to cars to more, Japan is known to have a great second-hand market since the culture asks of itself to take more pride in their items. Personally for me, thrifting in Japan is even better in the states since the items are better organized and better taken care of. However, that’s not the point.

They decided to make it a coordination battle between Sakuma and Igari with Yuto being the model. They had a 1000yen (around $10 American loosely), with no time limit to find Yuto the perfect outfit.

For those who are curious we first had Yuto, styling himself since well, he had nothing better to do. And well… it was interesting complete with accessories.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 5.28.09 PM
Put the poor turtle down Yuto.

He decided to go completely green. With Igari remarking that he looked like a Tennis player of some sort (I see it). And yes, he walked around the store in his Adidas shoes and complete green outfit, explaining his choices. They did artistically cut down his commentary about the choice of turtle as accessory.

Then came the harder parts of Igari and Sakuma finding the right outfit for Yuto. Since the challenge was not to dress themselves, but someone else and for under 1000yen. Sakuma pulled out a few intersting pieces and commented about their potential origins and their cheap prices. He really seemed to be digging it.

I was pleasantly surprised how often they shot Igari in the women’s section. At one point he’s remarking on the price of a dress being too high for the challenge. He also clearly holds up a white pin stripe romper with straps that indicated the ‘feminine’ marketing but he’s clearly considering it for his choice. It warmed my heart that he didn’t care in the slightest who it was marketed towards but if Yuto would like it/look good in it.

The moment of reckoning came, and first was Sakuma’s picks for Yuto.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 5.29.47 PM

The total came in under budget and honestly, it looks pretty high fashion. I’ve probably seen someone walking around wearing a similar ensemble. Yuto took a big moment to talk about the skirt, and how he had it worn and that he was surprised but pleased by it. Sakuma really seemed to get how Yuto dresses.

It was pretty funny that none of them batted an eyelash at the skirt. Not the buyer, model or even Igari who remarked that it was pretty much genderless. Igari remarked not to worry about looking masculine since it was just clothing. Again, I was touched by their words and actions.

My thoughts on the outfit: I’m a fan of black and white with jeans. It’s a go-to look for me on weekends. I’d totally wear something like this but change out the accessories. A good look for Yuto.

Of course, next was fashionista Igari’s picks which was:

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 5.30.54 PM

Which Igari had commented saying the goal was ‘over sized’ and he seemed to have gotten what he wanted out of it. A little closer to using that full 1000yen, and still pretty high fashion. I feel like Yuto was messing with Soya, given flipping up the bill of the cap and tucking the front of his shirt in.

There was less commentary about the pieces and more how Yuto was messing around. It was pretty cute seeing Soya get a little worked up. However, Soya seemed to have forgotten the challenge which was Yuto’s tastes not his own. I give them both a break since Soya had a vision just Yuto didn’t get it.

My Thoughts: Even for me a bit too much black. Plus oversize for someone like me usually just looks frumpy so I’m glad it suits Yuto and Soya more then I.

It ended up being a win for Sakuma and Soya’s secret fashionista coming out at the end to model the look.

Again, maybe I’m reading a bit too much into this but I appreciated that good fashion comes from anywhere, regardless of gender. Here’s hoping for more light hearted content like this is the future.

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