Tokyo B Shonen – Nasu’s Secret Second Job

**EDITED on 9/15/18. I made a HUGE error with names and mixed up Hidaka and Nasu. Thanks to Sparrowkid for pointing it out so I could correct it!

I mean, maybe? Johnny’s has not confirmed or denied this yet. lol Not going to lie, I had a huge road block trying to figure out what to talk about in regards to them. This doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting, trust me teenage boys given iPhones and selfie sticks are plenty entertaining. But I ran into a few issues.

Firstly, their content is very straight forward. If they say they’re going to create penlight art; they do. That’s exactly what the video is. If they’re playing a game, they’re playing a game. It’s hard to comment on them aside from being teenage boys, because that’s who they are. So I didn’t feel the need to add commentary, screen-cap and share things because it felt… boring.

Part two, is my age in comparison to them. I’m older then them, but not old enough to be their mom. Looking back on my posts about them previously… I really fall into that ‘Auntie’ fan of theirs. Auntie fans for those who don’t know, are women typically in their late 30’s-early 40’s who follow young idols kinda as adoring mother’s, and cheer for them to keep going, chide them on their choices/growing up, etc. It’s not a bad look but I really don’t fit into the same age demographic, or auntie fans ages. So I’m going to be pretty selective when and where I comment on their content.

But I was pretty surprised when this first video came out:


Yup, in the preview that’s Nasu styling the member’s hair. And while the Japanese title translates more into ‘ Hair and Make’ which typically refers to hair and makeup, Nasu just focused on hair. And let me be honest, just to style hair for yourself, let alone others is pretty difficult. While the styles were repetitive, Nasu really took it seriously.

From talking about the current style of members hair, to what he was going to do to their hair, and all the in-between Nasu acted like a true professional the entire time. It was that surreal moment of watching a video where the click-bait would be ‘XXX does my hair!’ except better, because it wasn’t click-bait at all.

It was even split into two parts which allowed more commentary, from both Nasu to the members, but the other member to who had just been styled. Overall, while probably scripted in certain regards, all the members seemed to enjoy seeing the style Nasu picked for them and complimented one another. It’s a refreshing change of pace from all the videos where someone’s hair gets destroyed, or they jokingly style one another’s hair poorly.

It really shows that the members do have trust in Nasu, and I find that really reassuring in an age where some groups don’t seem to have that chemistry. It also was reassuring that not once did any of the members make a remark about it being ‘gross’ or ‘not manly’ or anything like that. There wasn’t any commentary from them, or in the comments section about it and again: I appreciate the acceptance verses sexism.

They’re fun and light hearted videos that I’m probably reading a little too much into but nonetheless, enjoyed. I hope you will too!


  1. Hello, I always enjoy your reviews (and comments) on jr’s videos. Just a thing ‘tho, the member who does the styling is nasu yuto and not ukisho hidaka. Their hairstyles is kinda similar so it’s normal to mistook each other 😉

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