Recapping Last Month and Updates to my Blog

Hey everyone~ So again, this Monthly Everything and Updates is a little similar to last month since my energy is still a bit low. I honestly, while I’ve kept up to date with most MV releases, there weren’t a ton that really stuck out to me. I swear that I’ll do better for next month so there’s something better for you guys to enjoy. Without further excuses, here we go~

My man Rude-α came THROUGH for me. I was so excited that he dropped a LINE message about his new single coming out on September 15th, and just damn. I am in love with the rhythm, flow, everything.

So, if you need my background with him click HERE and then check him out yourself. I do seriously believe that he’s going to be going to blow up either the end of this year, going into next year. He’s wicked talented and incredibly humble when you meet him.

JRock News: I’m not super into Baroque, but they dropped two music videos this month and I’m digging it. Like, incredibly into it actually that for once I’m re-listening to their music. Similarly with Aiolin, I’m usually not super into them but their music videos from this month are amazing (there’s 3 whole videos!). Seriously. You should give these a listen.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 8.53.55 PM
Can’t wait for the next version of Motoko.

Anime News: GHOST IN THE SHELL IS BACK BITCHES!!!! One of my favorite franchises ever is getting two whole new seasons!! Each season will get 12 episodes, one will be directed by Kenji Kamiyama who directed Stand Alone Complex, and the second one will be directed by Shinji Amaraki who directed Appleseed. They’re in safe hands everyone.

I Was Featured So I Will Feature Back: So last month I got featured by two different sources and I’m genuinely touched. I do seriously get overwhelmed by the fact people like my content enough not only enough to read it, but to comment and even share it. Just… damn. Bless you guys.

JRock Vault found my review for the Vivarush box, and ended up featuring it on their Facebook page AND their weekly/bi-weekly newsletter. Which you know, boosted my stats for a few days and stroked my ego for awhile. So thank you JRock Vault for that!

Additionally, Mel over on their blog featured me twice! Both were in their weekly Round-Up’s and so I just want to shout out to Mel for that. It was for week #94 and #95 which you can click and view yourself since there’s some great content by Mel and that Mel found in there!

The Meh times. So SKY-HI had actually dropped previews for every. single. song. on his recently released ‘Free Tokyo’ EP. Which was DOPE to listen through and I’m really digging him as always. However, either him or Avex decided to pull it a few days later was a bummer. Leave them up next time!!

Frustrating: I swear every time I visit my JRock playlist for the year there’s a video or more that has been deleted off of it. Which, I usually only check once a week but it’s noticeable to me that this frequently happens. I have no idea what’s going on in the JRock Community especially on Youtube, but it needs to stop. Please keep your videos up JRock Bands!!!

Frustrating in Anime: I had to drop this season’s anime worth of anime. Unfortunately, I just haven’t made the time to try and find a non-blocked anime watching website. Ironically, Crunchyroll doesn’t have permissions to air in Japan, unless I get on getting with the times and properly use my VPN’s, etc. I guess I have to watch Japanese television instead… the whole 10 channels I can get in the middle of nowhere. lol.

The flip side is that my JDrama, J-Drama Special time to watch has gone up though. So expect some more JDrama and JMovie reviews instead.

Hear-breaking for me: Yamamoto Sayaka is graduating from NMB48. This isn’t exactly news from this month, but she’s my favorite member in all the 46’s and 48’s kingdom. I’m genuinely a pretty big fan of her as a soloist and as a member of this group. I had the faintest hint when she didn’t participate in the Senbatsu elections this year but I was hoping she’d stick around longer.


Then again she’s been in the group since 2010, thus being in this for 8 years with incredibly success. It’s time for her to spread her wings, and fly, maybe. She may or may not be subject to the 2 year hiatus other member of AKB/NMB are forced into where severing their contracts.

So Sayanee, good luck to you. I’ll be waiting and watching for you!


-I re-worked a lot of my previous posts. Mostly through re-naming, grammar, punctuation, and linking back to my previous posts/related content. I’ve really been slacking off on reviewing things before they’re officially posted, which is a little embarrassing now as an ALT.

-My blog timing will be changing in the next few weeks. My old time use to be 8-9AM CDT, and now it will be closer to 8-9AM JST just as a head’s up.

-Future ‘batches’; I have a big backlog of movies/dramas, etc that I’ve been watching/reading, etc. So I’m going to experiment with ‘batching’ them aka releasing 2 or 3 in a row rather then switching between materials. Similar to my ‘Top Ten Songs’ (which is intersting but still filler content lmao), but please bear with me as I find a balance that works best.

So that’s all I have for this month! Bear with for one more month as I try and get back on track! Next month will be even better!


  1. Aww, no way to watch anime online from broadcast channel web services either? Would’ve loved to hear your thoughts on Revue Starlight (lol). And ditto, I get so sad when music labels decided to region-restrict MVs like, do you guys /not/ want more exposure from fans outside of Japan?


    • I haven’t really looked for one yet so I have to wait and see. I’ve been seeing some many mixed opinions on Revue Starlight lmao but haven’t made room for it yet. For sure about region locks/deleting stuff!! Japan needs to get with the times; full MV’s, no region locks and we’d all be so much happier.

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