Disbandments I’ll Probably Never Be Over in Visual Kei

Visual Kei is constantly in turmoil with member changes, and the inevitable disbandment’s of smaller groups. Some groups, a lot of groups seem like they would build up enough popularity in order to keep going and then dramatically disband. Others ware small and while they have a loyal fan base, often can’t maintain their own momentum and disband. These are just a brief list of groups that while disbanded, I’m still never going to be over the fact they’re disbanded.


Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 9.08.25 PM

I was honestly, absolutely shocked that SUG was disbanding. They had survived from their initial hiatus back in 2012, and had come back stronger then ever afterwards. When they announced their hiatus in July 2017, some of the members had some writing on the wall with goodbyes, thank you’s, and other signs of potential disbandment.

It was a bitter pill to swallow as a fan. I really thought that SUG would continue even if the line-up changed again. They had such a wide and varied discography and had been going strong for 10+ years. Alas, the group is no more. Although Sleepyhead (Takeru the ex-vocalist), Chiyu (ex-guitarist) are both now active as soloists.

It’s a small consolation but some of the members being active still, is better then all of them disappearing from music.


Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 9.09.05 PM

Yusai was a bitter, and somehow hollow disbanding. First was that the former vocalist, Amane ‘disappeared’ something that has become a common drama in VKei. What compounded it was that the group carried out their final events until January 20th 2018, fired Amane as vocalist and then disbanded.

I had so much hope this group. I was gathering up money and courage to purchase their CD’s and invest in a group after two of my other favorites (next in the lineup) had disbanded. It was a hard loss for the Visual Kei Community especially since it was never reported if Amane was ever found. Personally, it made their ending hollow and the end somewhat creepy.

Amane: I hope you’re safe and doing well. Hopefully your family has found you and they’re communicating with you.


Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 8.21.24 PM

Starku was a disbandment that I could see coming even when I was following them in Japan. Reno always, always was a spotlight whore on stage, and at in-store events. It was very palpable that there was tension between the members, specifically Reno and Kouta. I only noticed because one of my fellow gya was a Kouta-gya, and I a Reno-gya. While they never fought in person at events, there were a lot of rumors that they did backstage. Not to mention they couldn’t hold on to a drummer longer then a few tour dates.

Their pace of releases was FAST. They churned out three singles in less then 6 months, and toured all over Japan with whatever gigs they could book. For such a young group, even with an experienced set of members that pace was too much.

While still disappointed, when news broke of their final single with only Satoshi, Kouta and Reno remaining I wasn’t surprised. I have yet to buy their last single, since it was a sore subject for me. I do intend to get a copy when I’m next able.


Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 9.10.20 PM
I’m still wrecked 2+ years later.

I don’t even know how to communicate this one. This one hit me so. hard. I had been back from Japan for all of two weeks when they announced the tour my friend would be attending, was their last. The event they had been promoting since January, was their disbandment concert.

 It hurt. It REALLY hurt. I laid on the floor and played their entire discography over twice that day. I was apathetic to everything for a few days. DIV had been around for four years, and I had felt they amassed a solid following quickly.

I was lucky that for my entire year of study abroad, I followed DIV. I wasn’t at every show, but every one-man in Tokyo/Saitama/Chiba as well as their January 2016 two-man live. It was a wonderful trip, and I do feel genuinely blessed to have been along for the ride.

All their new projects are stunning, and I can’t wait to hear what they all do next.


Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 9.12.19 PM

Call it out of the blue, but CLØWD completely from left field. The announcement was abrupt and sudden and there was no sign of anything wrong within the group. All of them were still posting together as a group and selfies from after their shows.

Granted, I only saw one saw but they were AMAZING. Their stage presence is no joke, their discography is solid, and their chemistry between each member was undeniable. At the time of writing this news only broke a few days earlier but I’m probably still reeling from it.

I’m super bummed that Ryohei has officially announced that he’s retiring from music.   I respect his decision of course. It’s still a loss for VKei to not have a great bassist like him. I’m hoping there might be a re-group with a few of the members will together, but only time will tell.

Are you crying with me? Maybe there’s a group you’re still torn up over that I didn’t mention? Drop a comment to vent or chat.


    • Yusai was so kick ass~ I loved the blend of old and new styles. I actually dipped my toes into some preliminary research and sadly they are not. There’s about 8 english reported disappearances of various bandmen plus plenty more that only circulated on Japanese twitter. I’m eventually planning on doing a write up on my thoughts/ideas about it.

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    • So officially, Amane was never ‘found’ i.e. a news report saying he’s left music for good or anything. Japanese laws make it really easy for people to ‘disappear’ so he’s probably out and about doing his own thing.


      • Oh woah, I’m surprised you replied so quickly! Even if he isn’t making music anymore, I’m just hoping that he’s still somewhere living his life well and that something didn’t happen to him, especially knowing that in the past he’s mentioned struggling with his mental health. As much as I miss him as a vocalist, I’d be happy even just knowing he’s doing well.

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