Top Ten Songs – The Chaser

If I didn’t mention a song by this group, especially with their dancing skills; it’d be a crime.

Day 9 – The Chaser by Infinite

I had never would have picked for myself that Infinite would be my top boygroup in Kpop. I wouldn’t have originally picked this song either. I distinctly remember watching the MV right before I had to run to the bus on one of the Korean TV stations we got a million years ago before we switched providers. I thought it was unremarkable and forgettable in comparsion to what else I was listening to at the time.

Flash forward, it’s amoung the first five Kpop albums I ever bought. I was learning the dance in between studying for the ACT and other Kpop groups. I listened to this song every. single. day. for over a YEAR. Infinite is that good. Infinite is fantastic. Infinite legitimately might be one of the best boybands to have ever emerged from South Korea (imo of course).

I don’t like to say that this is a ‘quality’ Kpop song (Kpop isn’t exactly know for quality fyi)
but it’s ageless. I could play this in front of new fans and pass it off as a latest release and 9 out of 10 would buy it as the truth. It’s that kind of song, well at least for now.

Infinite’s always been like that in terms of style, music, and presentation. All their albums are well put together, sleek packaging and presentation, without any frills or 40+ editions of a single release. Hell, even now those outfits look better then some of the newer group’s stuff.

While I only saw a snippet of Infinite at a shared concert once as 7 members, I don’t regret a thing. All the best to Infinite and Hoya for years to come.


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