Top Ten Songs – Wave

There are so many songs I could talk about in Kpop. So many, that it was so hard to pick especially when it comes to boy or girl groups. Of course, I realized that I am severely lacking in ladies tracks in my Top Ten Songs listing. When it comes to Kpop Queens, no one, absolutely no. one. tops Brown Eyed Girls.

Day Eight – Wave by Brown Eyed Girls

The whole ‘BASIC’ album is the pinnacle of everything that is Brown Eyed Girls. Sexy, smart, slick and well put together although it was slept upon by the greater Kpop community in 2015 when it was released. It’s every good element present in previous BEG track, combined with the best motifs as soloists, then intertwined and condense into this masterpiece of an album.

Just, everything and everyone is on point in this. Miryo really stepped up for this album writing lyrics for 9 or 10 tracks, including this one and it shows. After her stint as the ONLY female mentor on ‘Show Me The Money’ she become much more well known as a soloist and rapper. Not to mention, out of all South Korean Female idols she has the most copyrights on songs (as of 2013) at 56 songs.

Going on a bit more about my girls, Brown Eyed Girls in one of the few second generation girl groups without a single member change in 12 years. Not to mention, they are among the few groups that has successfully changed companies after their contracts expired with Nega Network, to Mystic Entertainment. While fans are starved for group content, since Jea is gearing up for her second solo album, and Miryo releases her own solo material as she can; their disography is amazingly solid. Ga-in isn’t afraid to talk about mental illness and the pressures of being a sexually liberal woman in Kpop. The other members are quick to chime in when they can about the downfalls of the idol industry.

I had the absolute most difficult time trying to pick which song from this album was the ‘best’. I ended up picking ‘Wave’ since this is the song that brings me back in my memories in South Korea for vacation back in 2016. I was constantly listening through the whole album. It was calming and jarring, fun and low-key. It was everything that anyone could ask for.

Wave is just everything I ever wanted, could ever ask for in a song by BEG. While ‘Abracadabra’ is their most well known, ‘Wave’ is probably the single best track they’ve ever released.

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