Top Ten Songs – Taste of Life

This list also wouldn’t be complete without me crying about DIV and all their glory at least once. So, here we go.

Day 5 – Taste of Life by DIV


I remember seeing this in my early college career and then beginning my long descent away from KPop into Visual Kei full time. This song was fun, bright, and upbeat. I mean just LOOK at those bright ass outfits and quirky use of english comic bubbles and the all important Campbell’s soup can.

Visual Kei gets pegged often, and rightfully so as dark and depressing. But then you get DIV, who has released some pretty dark material, launching this on everyone and…. it’s fun. It reminds you that life isn’t so bad as you think, you’re not alone, and when in doubt you can watch this and witness the ultimate rare meme that Satoshi (the drummer) does in fact, smile at the end of this MV.

I mean, this song also is important in another way. I will dare say it is in fact, my favorite song by DIV ever. The thing is, this release was their least popular one ever. So when I lived in Japan, attending their concerts they absolutely never played it. I was only a little bit crushed by this fact.

I got over it until I reminded that I could give fan mail provided I got over myself and my shitty handwriting to write to Chisa (the singer) and to DIV as a whole by default and ask them to play it. So I had my tickets for their in-store event, my friends and I had repeatedly edited, reviewing and re-wrote the letter together. My host mom gave me a natural sounding phrase to say to Chisa provided I didn’t die and run away like the previous time. It was the day after his birthday, so it was ‘Happy belated birthday’ and how to say in one sentence that DIV touched my very soul and thank you for your music. (Yes there is such a thing.)

I nailed my in-store events, and even shyly thanks DIV for their music and wished Chisa a belated birthday. Holy shit were they impressed, as I with myself at that time. But the song, ‘Taste of Life’… I had to ask them about it so I carefully sealed up my letter (which was re-written twice because of smudging and wrong kanji) and placed it in their letter box. I really didn’t think much of it and largely forgot about my request. I was getting greedy since I was attending their lives, and saw them in store. Being knocked down a few pegs and ignored would probably be good for me.

Their next tour dates came, and in Saitama I froze. Towards the end of their set, Chisa dramatically announced that they would be playing ‘Taste of Life’. The whole crowd was a buzz I tell you since they hadn’t played this song in AGES. I was in almost tears.

They really do take the time to read their fanmail. Chisa actually read my letter, dealt with my shitty Japanese, basic grammar points re-used multiple times over, and my overly polite in comparison to the rest of my letter request that would they pretty please consider playing ‘Taste of Life’ at either their Saitama or Chiba shows?

I can’t say it was 100% me that made this happen. Maybe they had planned it all along, who knows? I am just one person with one letter and really no control over DIV at all. Even if it was their plan the entire time, it made me feel like I mattered even for just one letter, and just one song to them. Music can be that powerful of a thing.


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