Things I’ve Wanted to Learn because of Anime

Awhile back Remy talked about 5 Things I Learned or Wanted to Learn Because of Anime and I know a good idea when I steal one, kidding the idea of anime inspiring people is pretty intersting. I wanted to talk about my own experiences since I ca’t deny I’ve been suckered into a few things too thanks to anime. It’s not bandwagon-ing since well, it’s been several months since Remy posted and I’ve only just gotten around to re-doing this.

  1. Soccer (Whistle!)

So while I have not watched the anime (yet), the manga alone mad me want to play soccer again. I played in pee-wee sports back in the day, but dropped it when it started to conflict with dance. Reading this series got me so motivated; Sho is so passionate about soccer his whole life. Even when he learns that soccer caused some major pain and heartbreak he still continues to pursue it.

Not to mention it’s got some wicked cool story archs, including moves that are actually do-able in soccer. Since reading it’s made me pay attention more to soccer (sort of).

2. Gambling (Kakeguri)

So I hate the idea of losing money. I don’t even like the idea of investing money into a retirement fund. To confess, I have even been to Las Vegas, the capitol of gambling in the continental United States, and I gambled exactly once by handing a free chip to my gambling friend. I’m terribly stingy on things do not have a guarantee of some sort of return (I don’t like Gachapon machines either, ‘cause no guarantee of the thing I want!).

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 3.37.31 PM

However, watching Jabami Yumeko gambling is oddly compelling. Like, I could care less about gambling tournaments on TV or the internet (unless it’s Gackt), but I could re-watch those scenes from the first season forever.

Yumeko has a way of making any situation, good or bad look like it’s ideal for gambling. And yes, her face of… ecstasy in raising the stakes is perfect.

3. Become a Witch/Fly (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 3.41.17 PM
So Kiki’s Delivery Service was my first Studio Ghibi film, and among the first anime’s I ever watched. When I was 13 (Kiki’s age in the film!), and re-discovered anime I desperately wanted to be able to fly as well. So I would go outside with our broomstick and focus my magic and try to just float for hours. It also helped I had a hill that, like Kiki’s I was try and get lift off from. Unfortunately, the magic hasn’t worked yet but one day I’m sure it’ll kick in.

  1. Run away (but in a Ghibi way/ Howl’s Moving Castle, etc.)
    Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 3.43.48 PM

Okay, but that meme summarizes some sort of deep longing in a lot of us. When Sophie just wanders off with a basket, cheese, and some clothes that was just badass. I wish it were that easy to drop everything and start over. Alas, life isn’t like that sadly, but one can dream.

5. Become a hitman/use guns/be a badass (Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens)

There’s a couple different series I could have put in here, “Ghost in the Shell” and “Cowboy Bebop, “Hakata Tonkasu Ramens” being the one to really nail what I wanted on the head. When I saw the female hitmen in a suit, a few days later I was buying one for real life reasons I jokingly told my mother; “With this suit except even more expensive, I could become a female hitman”. She didn’t protest and jokingly I sent a snapchat captioned similarly my friends agreed. So if this whole blogging/white collar job thing doesn’t work out, I know what I’m doing lol.

This was not intended to be just a 5 things list, but somehow it ended up being that way. So go ahead and drop a comment if you’ve had something similar, or have already posted a list somewhere, I’d love to read it!


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