Monthly Faves August 2018 And/Or an Update

This month is going to look and feel a little lack-luster. I was busy prepping other articles/commentaries for this month into next month to be safe. Why? I’ll explain that towards the bottom in the ‘update’ section.


To absolutely no one’s surprise; ACME’s new MV stole the show for the month. Which both says something, and doesn’t considering how few links and MV’s will be in here this time as well as how often I talk about them.

Now for the harder news. This isn’t fail or fall through this just is. One of them is a bit easier then the others. Firstly, is CLØWD has announced disbandment with Ryohei leaving the industry completely.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 9.12.19 PM

Which, comes as kinda a hard loss for VKei. CLØWD seemed to be nothing but on the up and up, with agreeable members, great stage presence, and pretty much being the whole package when it comes to a band. I personally was looking forward to digging into their catalogue and catching up on new releases as they came. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Hopefully they all keep their Instagram’s active.

Rest in Peace Shota-man.

This is the hardest news to be honest. It got buried in my feelings between the ‘big’ update to come and a bunch of other stuff but, Nakao Shota for FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE passed away earlier this month. He left us on July 6th at 22 years old (only a year younger then me) and after a year long battle with stomach cancer.

I sincerely believe that LDH Entertainment expected him to pull through. I know the international fan community did. I mean, it was only a little over a year ago when I had seen him in New York performing.

Which made the blow a lot harder for everyone simply because he’s so young and close in age to many fellow performers. I know it hit FANTASTICS hard, as well as Sano Reo of GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE since those two had trained together since they both entered together. It’s been hard to watch the SNS blackout that every member of LDH participated in (no one from LDH posted for about 2-3 days after Shota’s passing). It’s been a rough month for EXILE TRIBE fans especially after their release dedicated to him that I talked about in my previous monthly favorites.

Which leads up to my update part. I’m not great at transitions and this post is no exception. I’m moving to Japan. Or more exactly, my ass will be in Japan by the time this is posted.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 5.22.48 PM
For those who might not know, the red is in relation to all of Japan. The right side is just the distinct shape of the prefecture.


I accepted a position with JET (Japanese Exchange Teaching) and will be in Aomori, Japan. I won’t go any further in details about schools, placement with the prefecture, etc to maintain SOME privacy. I’m nervous, excited, terrified and more for this experience. So there might be a once monthly/every-so-often post detailing my trials and tribulations as a young ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). I have solid expectations for myself, just not sure how well I’m going to adjust to my new life.

Also, JRock Vault updated some neat perks for JRock Vault, which I’ve reviewed HERE and HERE previously. I’m a big fan of making things cheaper to try out, both for myself and others. If you click this link here you will get $5 off your purchase. This will also, with your completed purchase, gives me $5 off as well. So if you’ve been salivating at my reviews for these boxes, now’s the time to get in on the goods! (DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with JRock Vault in anyway. This is just me personally, bumping up a perk that benefits me and any new subscribers.)

That brings to an end, this short but sweet Monthly Favorites/Updates post at least for the moment. My content is mostly queued up for August, although it might feel lack luster (blame the summer heat) for awhile. That and my comments might be hella off, and I’ll probably have a hard time catching up on commenting/reading other people’s content for awhile. It’ll take some time to adjust too.


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