Ordering ACME Rotten Orange Hoodie – The Life of a hardcore fangirl

It’s really weird how much I hate unboxing/haul videos. Like I really don’t care about those types of things, yet I have gone on to do the same. I like to think that talking about how to get this type of expensive merchandise from Japan, and maybe offering advice? Is a bit more helpful though.

VHK Press released this article  and I knew I had to get it. I checked the website it was on and it was still on pre-order plus it recommended a buying service, From Japan, that I could use to purchase it.

The Mad Country’s Store

A standard set up, simple to search and scroll and intuitive to the user. I appreciated that the site was partnered up with ‘From Japan’ in order to reach a bigger consumer pool. Not to mention, it makes it easier for me to buy ACME’s goods now that I know some of them are online.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 4.38.41 PM
Pretty much saying good luck and preorder deadline.

The only thing was that the hoodie was on pre-order only until February 28th, 23:59 Japan Time making it time sensitive. I impulse this purchase so hard, even though it was over $100. I regret absolutely nothing.

The images are directly from The Mad Country’s Store, I couldn’t resist a good set of photos of Chisa.

From Japan

This site isn’t intuitive as it took me awhile to figure out how to actually sign up, and sign in. While there a lot of prompts and tutorials, it still puzzled me how to actually pre-order the hoodie. After some more poking around on the site and reading a lot of FAQ items I finally got the hoodie in my cart, and it was processed. Resisting the temptation to buy all the other ACME items on the site, I waited. Some of the fees depending on multiple items and weight kept me on my toes and I made sure to pay for insurance.

There was a lot of waiting, on my part.  I did order it in mid-February, and expected that it would arrive sometime in early April. It got to the point where I was ready to contest my purchase, when I got the email with a tracking number. After the tracking number my package arrived in two days.

At first, I was concerned there had been a mix up since there was blue plastic packaging. However, it was just really good packaging with cardboard, plastic and covering to order to keep my jacket safe.

ACME Hoodie

I never doubt the quality of Japanese concert goods. I own many hoodies from various Visual Kei bands, idol groups, and just regular purchases. There were no separating seams or loose threads. It’s well lined, and surprisingly warm for how thin it is. The design is smooth, and exactly as pictured on the website.

The only part was sizing. When they say free sizing, they really mean free. While the tag says 2X, my mother who is 2X could easily fit in it with still more room. It was almost fun to compare between myself, twin brother, and mother who fit ‘best’ into this oversized hoodie. If at 5’4 I’m swimming in this hoodie, I can only imagine how Japanese fans look in this.

Compare to Chisa’s art photos at the beginning.

I’m a little bummed that the hoodie isn’t exactly like the ones the band members wear in the MV. The noticable differences are the checkered patterns on the sleeves, buckles over the zipper, spikes near the hood, and the sizing. Still the fact fans were ‘included’ in outfits this time around is really fun.

However, I absolutely love it. From Japan was a lifesaver on this purchase, and offered a reasonable price for their shopping services. I hope I’ll be able to buy more ACME goods from The Mad Country’s Store in the future, when my budget is back in check.

Curious about any details? What to talk ACME with me? Drop a comment below!

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