Catching up on SixTONES Content

SixTONES is a six member group from Johnny’s Jr. Their content is uploaded every Friday. Much like my other posts, rather then trying to review all groups in one post weekly, after every 4 or so posts I’ll talk about their content.

On March 23rd , they decided to play a game showing that they do actually like one another. Their previous post they all suggested things but then either talked over one another, or said they didn’t want to do that type of thing with each other (they laughed a lot about it though. So playing a question game is actually a pretty cute idea.

The game is simple: They all try to answer similarly or the same to one question. If at least 3 of them get it, then they pass.

Juri’s question: If all 6 of us were siblings, who would be the oldest?

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.01.18 PM

A: Half said Juri, the other half said Yuugo.

Hokuto’s thoughts was that Juri tends to MC their lives, and be a mediator for the group (I don’t disagree). Yuugo justified since he is actually the oldest in the group (24), and other’s often call him the grandpa of the group (lmao). One of them tried to say it’s ‘Juri in our hearts’ and move to the next question, but Juri wasn’t having it.

Shintaro’s question was, who would be the youngest then if we were siblings?

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.01.03 PM

A: Half said Shintaro, the other half said Jesse.

Next Taiga asked, who is the most lose with their time? Juri rephrased it to “who is most often late to work” which I think is a better way of phrasing it.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.10.00 PM
Sorry Hokuto, you stood up.

And finally everyone got it right and said it was Juri (you’re suppose to be the leader/older brother?!?). He formally bowed and apologized, but then tried to play it off as a good thing since it united the group?!

Hokuto’s question: Whose the most clever as a person in this group? Not particularly academics or grades but just in general.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.29.34 PM
Jesse, why you like this?

Answer: Everyone minus Jesse voted for Juri.

Jesse’s defense was that he makes clever jokes. So he did one and everyone pretty much told him it was bad.

Jesse’s question: What English word would best describe SixTONES?

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.34.50 PM
From left to right: original, Diamond, Salad, Amazing(2x) and Free.

Kinda a mish-mash of answers but, those are some pretty cute descriptions! One of their songs is called ‘Amazing’ so Taiga and Yuugo went with that. Jesse wrote salad and explained that they were each part of it… but forgot that everyone had to guess the same word. So he had to do a pun based on that. Shintaro roasted him and they moved forward.

6th question: What’s SixTONES representative song?

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.39.02 PM
Nailed it.

Everyone choose ‘Amazing’!!

And then they did quick takes of about 5 other questions that no one answered all together. So their final question was “What is SixTONES goal?”. I had assumed it was debut… but they all pretty much want a national hit or big success.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 3.40.58 PM
Different goals, but similar direction.

They ended the video on, even though their individual answers were different that’s not so bad for a group. They’re all unique and that’s good too.

Their March 30th video, is a video from Johnny’s Jr. Festival at Yokohama Area. The theme is showing behind the scenes, before and during the show! Since it’s rare to see that content for Johnny’s. Travis Japan performed before them so they went to check it out… and ran away when they thought fans saw them. It was also really cute to see them get excited for Travis Japan and to get hyped for their own show… until… bicycles…

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 4.18.04 PM
Miyachika from Travis Japan speeding away to make the next stage.

Afterwards, since Travis Japan was on stage they didn’t get to rehearse as much. Taiga was at a stage play too so he didn’t practice with them. They did end up watching Travis Japan film their Youtube section.

They got to rehearse formations, as well as covers (A.B.C.z’s, Kat-kun) and more. But unlike Snowman, it was more walk-through style rather then a full rehearsal. Yuugo mentioned that the staff was taking care of all 4 groups performing at that festival (Love Tune, Snow Man, Travis Japan and them). So that is more difficult for the staff, then it is for them… but they’re still nervous and going to do their best.

Side Note: I really do love when groups remember their staff. It’s a tough job working with celebrities, so the fact they took the time to mention it means a lot. It’s just super sweet of them.

After that though, they reviewed their rehearsal footage, and made lemon honey tea. Good to know anime isn’t completely wrong. They blew off some steam shouting and hyping one another up. They also got some shots from their performance afterwards to review.

On April 3rd… we finally got the video of ‘Jungle’ from the Yokohama Arena live!! Which honestly… I am not a fan of the costumes. At all. They look so… dated to me at least. Not to mention hot especially Shintaro and Jesse’s…

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 4.33.56 PM

However, the dance is actually lit. As well as the dancing, complete with ab flashing fan service on everyone’s parts.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 4.34.27 PM

Other people always mention that Taiga changes/most dynamic on stage but like… Juri is a whole different person on stage. It’s wild to me seeing him in earlier episodes and then seeing him perform ‘Jungle’ I certainly wasn’t expecting it. Not to mention they guys used the whole stage really well, which I always appreciate.

On April 9th we got the best kind of treat; Yuugo and Jesse being soccer fanboys. Somehow, someway they got permission to interview the soccer superstar Ronaldo, who even I know. It’s the first special guest on the channel, and holy s*** is that kinda of huge for them.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 4.45.08 PM
Yuugo, flipping shit. Me too man.

They had some goals for the interview: after the interview, ask for Ronaldo’s signature, they want to do a ‘zudon’ pose and ‘please subscribe to our channel’ message with him.

Of course, they introduced themselves with Jesse running some parts in English. They first started off with showing him their video as idols… I had such a weird wave of embarrassment for them but Ronaldo was supportive. He even knew about Johnny’s as a company! After that, the interview began.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 4.45.22 PM
Ronaldo, if you didn’t know.

Now, Ronaldo is speaking in Portuguese , so the translation of mine and on the channel might not be accurate. If you have corrections add them to YouTube and here!

Q (Yuugo): You’ve belonged to many (soccer) clubs. Is there a club you’d like to join?

A: No, not really, but if I could go back to the past I’d want to do exactly what I did before until I stopped playing. There’s a lot of big clubs in the world, that I would have liked to get into, but fortunately or unfortunately, I feel fulfilled in the choices I made. If I went back in time exactly, if God let me, I’d make the exact same choices.

Yuugo (fan-boy mode 100% on): amazing. I’m so satisfied just hearing your words.

Q (Jesse): When you feel depressed, how do you pump yourself up?

A: I’m not the type to keep being sad. There’s always a good side and a bad side for everything in life. I always choice to stick with the good side. I think that the world has more good things then bad things, so it’s a matter of choice. I always stick with the good side and keep going.

Q (Yuugo): Amazing. I always find you smiling in the game. Your attitude is impressive. Why can you play soccer joyfully without being nervous?

A: My daily life is like that, not only during matches. But even more during the matches, because I was doing what I loved most and I had fun during the whole time. So I did what I loved most, there’s no way I wouldn’t be smiling.

Yuugo: Our job is to make fans smile. From you, I learned that it’s most important to feel happiness from the depths of my heart. I’m happy I learned such an important thing from you.

Ranaldo: I’m happy to hear that.

Q (Yuugo): Now that you’ve retired, what will you do?

A: I want to keep working at soccer academies for kids and teenagers, take Ronaldo Academy to global levels. And keep working on my music. As a composer, singer, owner and member of the group I want to make music and keep bringing happiness to other people.

Jesse: Someday, SixTONEs and you let’s collaborate.

Ronaldo: Sounds great, let’s do it!

Yuugo: Cameras got that? Collaboration is confirmed!

Ronaldo: Consider yourself invited, whenever you want.

Yuugo: Yes. Now we have to prepare our concert in a big venue.

End of interview.

Yuugo then asked if Ronaldo could juggle with the ball he brought, since it’s his hobby. Ronaldo said only with his right foot since the left is injured and he killed it. Cue intense fan-boying from Yuugo and Jesse.

They did get it signed, and a little message as well. He wrote “A hug from your friend, Ronaldo”. Yuugo was so cute fan boying so hard, and Jesse was the cool headed fan boy in person. BUT they did get Ronaldo to agree to do the pose/message with them too. AND, they asked him to come to the concert which he said sure too.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 5.07.24 PM
Ronaldo signing.

So now, the boys are friend Ronaldo and he’s coming to their live. In the words of Jesse, “Dream do come true”.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 5.09.09 PM
Goals: accomplished.

So SixTONES, have had a wild beginning and a lot of interesting content. I’m so glad that Yuugo and Jesse got to meet Ronaldo, and here’s hoping they get even more opportunities in the future!

Overall Thoughts: For all the click-bait that could have been used… SixTONES didn’t have any. Their content is probably the most diverse out of everyone’s and I’m really glad they’re doing what they’re doing. Despite their differences, all of it is meshing together to be a great set of content.







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