The Roost

Welcome to Phoenix Talks! For now, you can refer to me as Rise (Get it? Phoenix, rising… maybe not) You’ve probably stumbled upon this blog since you too have an interest in Japanese popular culture.

A bit about me is that I currently live and work in Japan, so a lot of my media is a mix of recently released films, obscure manga titles, and currently airing series. I cover a variety of topics from anime, manga, Japanese dramas and movies, Visual Kei, and some blogging commentary, etc. I also combine themes when I can, so look forward to those posts! Scheduling I typically post every third day with the occasional double post here or there, or back to back every so often. I try to remain active is what I’m getting at.

Currently my main projects are my Drama A-Z challenge as well as my Movie A-Z Challenge focusing on Japanese dramas and films. I’ve also recently kicked off my Visual Kei&Anime series which is off to a rather slow start, but I promise to be more regular about it soon!

As always, there’s a lot of me talking so be sure to drop a comment and let me know¬†your thoughts!

(Updated: 7/28/2020)