The Roost

Welcome to Phoenix Talks! For now, you can refer to me as Rise (Get it? Phoenix, rising… maybe not) You’ve probably stumbled upon this blog since you too have an interest in Japanese popular culture.

Totally forgot to update this! I usually update every other day, and occasionally every 3rd day or something like that. Depends on what content I have ready and proof-read, etc.

I’ve done a bit of work to better explain my background with posts introducing; How I Got Into JDramas, How I Got Into JMovies,¬†How I Got into Anime¬†and even How I Got into Manga . I’m hoping to churn out more about Jpop, Visual Kei, and just more Japanese music related content soon!

I have played around with creating a blog for several years, with fits and starts. I’m fairly active in my private circles but I rarely reach out to non-in real life friends. I’m hoping with starting this blog that I’ll be able to make some interesting content, and branch out my circles that I’m active in.

I’m hoping to re-focus in on Japanese music when I come back, which is my biggest passion, but I have a hard time writing about. I’ll continue to talk about JDramas, Anime, Manga, and more!

Mostly I have wanted to talk about JDramas, Visual Kei, JPop, Idols, Anime, Manga, and so much more! Please leave me a comment if you like my material and let’s get talking!

(Updated: 3/19/19).